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u cant but if u have any NOS then wait for a staight or slightly curved road then use NOS. that usaully works

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Q: How do you change the distance in Need for speed underground 2 outrun?
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How can you calculate the speed in a distance time graph?

speed is the gradient under the distance vs time graph which is change in distance /change in time

How do you outrun a tornado in a car?

Tornadoes usually have a forward speed of 30 miles per hour but make wind speeds of about 250 or more. To outrun it you should be going about 40 or more but the wind factor may change what speed you might want to go. However instead of trying to outrun a tornado you should try to drive out of its way.

Can a speed skater outrun a sprinter?


What is the formula for instantaneous speed?

Instantaneous speed is calculated as the rate of change of distance with respect to time at a specific moment, and is represented by the formula: Instantaneous speed = ds/dt, where ds is the change in distance and dt is the change in time.

What is the equation for average speed and acceleration?

Average speed = Distance travelled/time to travel the distance . Average acceleration = Change of speed/time for the change .

Formula of speed?

Speed is equal to the change in distance over the change in time, or V = D/T where V is speed, D is distance and T is time.

How do you get a wide bodykit in Need for Speed Underground 2?

Win 11 "Outrun" races on stage 5. You can only unlock one wide body, so choose your desired car carefully.

What is the formula for working out distance?

As speed=Distance/time, distance would be, distance = Speed x time or, s = vt where s is distance, v is speed or change in velocity and t is time

Can you please tell me how to change the lanugage on Need for Speed Underground PS2 from Spanish to English?

how do you change the laugage for need for speed underground

What two things speed depend on?

Distance and time are the two factors that speed depends on. The definition of Speed is change in Distance per change in time. S=D/t.

Speed is the rate of change in what?

displacement or distance.

Is speed is an example of scalar?

Yes. Speed is the rate of change of distance. Distance and time being scalars, SPEED is also a scalar