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You could divide the answer into the larger number of the problem. The answer should be the remaining number (multiplicand).

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Q: How do you check multiplication using division?
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Why can multiplication be used for solving division?

so when you find your answer you can check it by using multiplication.

Why you can use multiplication to check a division problem?

multiplication is the Inverse operationof division so it could be used to check my work

Which operation should be used to check the answer to a division problem?


How do you learn division?

by using multiplication backwards Division is the opposite of multiplication. It is the equivalent of when you diminish a number by multiplying it by a fraction or a decimal.

What can be done using Napier's bones?

Multiplication, division and square roots.

How can i use multiplication to check division?

u can go plus pluse pluse

How do you check addition with division?

You don't. You can check addition with subtraction or subtraction with addition, since subtraction is the opposite of addition. Similary, you can check division with multiplication, or vice versa.

What perform a possible math operation?

By using division, multiplication, addition or subtraction

How is multiplication is related by division?

Multiplication is the inverse operation to division.

How can you use multiplication to check a division problem?

we can multiply the divisor & the quotient to find the dividend

How do you Relate Division to Multiplication?

Division is the inverse operation to multiplication. Division by a number (other than zero) is the same as multiplication by its reciprocal.

Is multiplication before division in order of operations?

"Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction." Therefore multiplication and division are equal.