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the transpose of null space of A is equal to orthogonal complement of A

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Q: How do you check orthogonality of a matrix using arrays?
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What is a fast-transpose algorithm for sparse matrices?

A fast-transpose is a computer algorithm that quickly transposes a sparse matrix using a relatively small amount of memory. Using arrays normally to record a sparse matrix uses up a lot of memory since many of the matrix's values are zero. In addition, using the normal transpose algorithm to transpose this matrix will take O(cols*elements) amount of time. The fast-transpose algorithm only uses a little memory to record the matrix and takes only O(cols+elements) amount of time, which is efficient considering the number of elements equals cols*rows.

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int sym_test(const **a,int n){ int i,j,sym; i=1;j=0;sym=1; while(sym && i<n){ if ( a[i][j] != -[j][i] ) sym=0; else if (j<i-1) ++j; else ++i,y=0; } return sym; }

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You have misread or misunderstood something.

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