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Answer for USA, Canada and other countries running a 60 Hz supply service.Stop! What...? Don't...!

Don't make a cable to plug a generator into an outlet in your house, it is incredibly dangerous! Power from your generator will back-feed into the power lines, posing a severe unexpected shock hazard to any line-workers who may be fixing the lines - the very same reason you are wanting to use your generator!

Plug your appliances into your generator. If you want to power the outlets in your house from the generator do it right and install a generator transfer switch.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.




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Q: How do you connect a 4-prong generator outlet to a 3-prong dryer outlet?
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What color wiers go to 4prong outlet?

Red, Black, white and green

Can you plug a 220 3prong 20a generator into a 4prong 30 amp outlet?

No. The reason for this is the plug configurations are different and this is for safety reasons. Back feeding a generator into your home's wiring system is very dangerous and has killed linemen working on downed power lines. The generator will back feed voltage through the pole top transformers and energize the downed line back up to its primary voltage of 13,200 volts. This is how the linemen get killed thinking that they are working on de energized primary lines. If you want to have a correct installation installed in your home, call a licenced electrician and he can walk you through the procedure that has to be done and give you a price to do the work. The job when completed will be approved by the electrical inspector and when you connect your generator to the house it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are not going to get someone killed or badly burned.

Can you hook up 20 amp power generator to 15 amp house outlet?

You should never hook a generator to any house outlet, no matter the current. I assume you are looking for a quick and dirty way to connect a generator to your house in a power outage situation. This should only be done through an approved disconnect switch.

What is the purpose of a generator?

To supply electricity in the event that the main power supply is unavailable and electricity is needed, or when it is impossible to connect everything that needs electricity to an outlet.

How does the Atlantic ocean and the Arctic Ocean connect?

The Atlantic ocean and the Arctic ocean connect threw a outlet. This outlet is called the Bearing Straight, not only does it connect them but it is navigable.

What is the procedure in chasing an outlet?

I am assuming you are trying to find all outlets that are connected together in a circuit. The easiest way is to have a tone generator. They make a few different kinds. In one you plug in a tone generator that is built into a standard AC plug and you can put the receiver at the electric panel to locate the breaker that controls that outlet and you would do this for all outlets by "Toning Out" each outlet in question. In another method you connect a tone generator to any outlet and then use the receiver to see which other outlets have the tone present. In this method you should turn off the power to the outlet you are using as the starting point. If you have no tone generator you can turn off breaker for the outlet where you will start and use a volt meter to find all other outlets that are off. You can get a good toner for $20 to $30.

How do you connect a 3 wire 120 outlet to a 4 wire 240 outlet?

You don't.

Is a computer have a generator?

A computer does not have a generator, it requires standard AC electrical current which is available in any electrical outlet throughout your home.

What is canal outlet?

A canal outlet is a small structure built at the head of watercourse so as to connect it with a distributary channel.

Who is the voice in Honda 'Magic Outlet' generator commercial?

Morgan freeman

When running outlets in a series can you still use the outlet itself as a coupler or do you have to pigtail the wires then feed the outlet?

Just firmly connect the wires under the screws and that will couple them. Each outlet has two hot and two neutral screws; just connect the wires appropriately and make certain that the outlet is properly grounded.

How do you connect a DVD player and a video cassette player to the cable connection on TV?

Get a double sided A/V cable and connect it to the DVD player's A/V outlet and the other side to the tv's A/V outlet. Then you must get a male double sided coxal caple and connect to the VCR's coxal outlet then do the same for the tv. I hope this helps you. ;)

How can you connect a 4-prong generator to a 4-prong dryer outlet?

Your question is likely based on the mistaken impression that you can power your house this way if there is a power outage. If you are even thinking this you are not capable of pulling this off without potential dire consequences. There is no polite way to say this, you would be stupid to try this. McIver could do this, but you shouldn't try this unless you want to burn down your house and perhaps kill you and your family. To provide backup generator for your house you need an automatic or manual transfer switch to connect the generator.

Purchase a Tesla Generator?

form_title=Purchase a Tesla Generator form_header=Find an outlet for a Tesla generator near you. Are you experienced in the use of tesla generators? = () Yes () No Will you need professional installation for your tesla generator?= () Yes () No Is the tesla generator for home, business or industrial use?= () Home () Business () Personal

Why 4 prong dryer instead of 3 prong dryer cord?

Because the ground is missing in a three prong, the appliance uses a ground strap off the neutral if the ground wire is missing. New codes require a 4 prong outlet if the electrical is being installed new. Remember, if you use a 4 prong, the outlet must be a 4prong outlet, this means it must have 2-hots, 1-neutral, 1-ground. If the outlet does not have these then there is no use having a 4 prong plug on the appliance.

Can I connect a 30amp camper to a 220v outlet?

Only if it's a 220v system.

If I connect 110v xbox one to a 220v outlet what will burn will the power supply burn or will the Xbox one burn?

If you connect 110V xbox one to a 220V outlet, only the power supply will burn and not the Xbox one.

How would you wire a generator 120V 240V 4 prong twist lock outlet to a 3 wire standard outlet?

If you properly connect a 3 conductor cable to a 4 prong twist lock plug end this can be done. You must be sure that the grounding conductor and neutral are connected to the right terminals. Then the hot conductor, probably black, will connect to only one of the hot terminals. It wouldn't matter which. In this configuration you have 120v supplied from a 240v twist lock outlet and the cable can be connected to anything that requires just 3 conductors and 120v.

Does the Great Salt Lake have an outlet to the ocean?

well no the lake does connect to the Jordan river but i think the Jordan river does not connect to the ocean

How do you connect several outlets in a circuit?

You connect them in parallel. For the first outlet connect black (Hot) to the brass colored screw, the White (Neutral) to the silver colored screw and the bare wire to the green screw. Do the bare wire in such a way that you can also attach it via a wire nut to the supply wire bare wire for the next outlet. Then connect the Black and White of this supply wire for next outlet to the Brass and Silver screws that have no wires attached yet.

How do you connect 3 wire to 2 wire 240volt's I'm trying to remove the washerdryer outlet and branch four 240v receptacles from the 240volt 3 wire outlet?

just leave the neutral wire as it is and connect the other two !!

If you have a 240V outlet for a window AC unit can you connect a switch to shut the outlet off?

Yes, just make sure it is a 220 volt switch.

How do you wire toggle switches to outlet in same box?

The input white wire is connected directly to neutral side of the outlet. The input black wire is connected directly to one of the switch posts. Find a short piece of black wire and connect it from the OTHER side of the switch post to the "hot" side of the outlet. Connect the input ground wire to both the outlet and the switch.

How wide is the 2010 Ford Transit-Connect?

The 2010 Ford Transit-Connect is 5 ft. 10.7 in. (70.7 in.)12V front power outlet(s) wide.

How wide is the 2011 Ford Transit-Connect?

The 2011 Ford Transit-Connect is 5 ft. 10.7 in. (70.7 in.)12V front power outlet(s) wide.