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Density of water is 1000kg/m^3.

1 Metric Ton equal to 1000kg or 1 meter cubic of water (m^3).

1 liter = 1000 centimeter cubic (cc)

1 liter = 1000 cc = 0.001 meter cubic.

0.001 m^3 x 1000 = 1 liter x1000

1 m^3 = 1000 liters

so, 1 ton of water = 1 meter cubic (m^3)= 1000 liter.

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1 U.S. short ton of pure water at 4 degrees C is equal to 907.18474 L.

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! ton of water equals 1000 liters, Charn

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Q: How do you convert 1 ton water into liters?
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How many liters makes one metric tones?

1 metric ton is 1000 kilograms.1 liter OF WATER is 1 1 metric ton is 1000 liters (of water).

How do you convert cubic meters of water to liters of water?

1 cubic meter = 1 000 liters (of water or any other liquid)

How many liters make a ton?

1000 liters because 1 liter ways 1 kg so 1000kg of water is equal to 1000 liters

How many liters in 1 ton?

Short answer = 1,000 liters Long answer. The density of water varies somewhat depending on the temperature and the inclusion of any impurities. But for say, tap water, 1000 liters is 1 tonne. Yes, that is tonne with an 'e' - a metric tonne. 1 liter of water is 1kg, 1,000 liters is 1000kg (1 metric tonne) = 2205 pounds = 1.1ton (short, imperial ton).

Is 250 liters 1 tone?

No, it is .25 tons. If you mean liters of water. 1 ton = 1000KG 1000L = 1000KG 250L = 250KG ∴ 250KG = .25ton

How many liters glycerin in 1 ton?

1234.6 liters

How do you convert ton to watts?

1 Ton = 3,517.2 Watt

How many liters in 1 ton for steam?

Since steam is a gas (water vapor). This depends on the pressure and temperature of the steam. PV = nRT.

How many 25 liters make one metric ton?

litres is volume, ton is weight. but if it's water then 40 x 25 litres = 1000 kg (1 ton)

How do you convert ethanol in liters to tons?

establish the weight of one liter of ethanol, establish long tonnes vs. short tons... 2200lbs vs. 2000lbs, ....roughly 1400 liters = 1 ton

Is it possible to convert 1.5 ton window AC to 1 ton window AC?

1.5 ton convert kw

How many liters are 1 tone?

Depends. 1000 liters of water (standard temperature pressure) weighs one metric ton (1000 kg). On the other hand, about ten thousand liters of dry, uncompressed adult diapers weighs one metric ton.