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You need to find the density of the oil, from this you will be able to calculate the volume.

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Q: How do you convert 1kg furnace oil into liter?
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Factor of furnance Oil which convert MT to KL?

1kg furnace oil how much ltr

How do you convert 1 liter of furnace oil into 1 kg of LPG?

It is not possible to directly convert 1 liter of furnace oil into 1 kg of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) because they are different products with distinct properties and compositions. The conversion would involve complex and specialized processes such as fractional distillation and chemical transformations in a refinery setting.

How do you convert 1 metric ton of furnace oil to 1 liter of furnace oil?

you would convert it buy using specific gravity. the specific gravity of fuel oil is 0.893 at 60F. so that said 1 liter of furnace oil would weigh 893g. one metric tonne of furnace oil would equal roughly 1120 liters

How to convert an oil furnace to an electric furnace?

How can you covert an oil furnace to an electric furnace

How to Convert 1 kg furnace oil to liter?

1KG of transformer oil will sum up to 0.815litres.

Can you convert a regular home furnace to burn waste oil?

You can convert a regular home heating oil furnace. You must purchase a special kit, or it could cause a fire hazard or inefficient burning. A furnace specialist is recommended for this procedure due to safety issues.

What will be the weight in kg of 1 liter of furnace oil having specific gravity of 0.998 and temperature 30 degree centigrade?

1 litre of furnace oil will have a mass of 0.998 kg. The temperature of the oil is irrelevant.

Can you convert an oil burning furnace to natural gas furnace?

Yes, it is possible to convert an oil burning furnace to a natural gas furnace. This typically involves replacing certain components and making adjustments to ensure compatibility with the new fuel source. It is recommended to consult a professional HVAC technician for the conversion to ensure it is done safely and properly.

Is 1 liter engine oil is equal to 1 kilogram engine oil?

of couse not because oil have less density than 1litre engine oil is not=1kg engine oil

Oil Furnace Installation ?

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Is one kilogram of oil equal to you 1 liter of oil?

Simple Answer = No. That only applies to Water (H2O). Complex Answer = Could be. If any liquid (oil, grease etc) was made to equal the same density as water, then 1Kg = 1L.

Can you mix kerosene and home heating oil in an oil furnace?

Kerosene and home heating oil can be mixed in a oil furnace. Kerosene is thinner than heating oil. Mixed together will make the furnace burn cleaner.