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On earth, 1 kilogram of mass weighs 2.205pounds.

On earth, 1 pound is the weight of 0.4536 kilogram of mass.

Those numbers are different in other places.
Try or Just so you know, one pound is 0.4536 kg.

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Q: How do you convert 1lb to 1kilogram?
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How do you convert 825grams to 1kilogram?

Add 175 grams.

How many meters are in 1kilogram?

sorry to say... you cant convert a mass to a distance..

How do you subtract 12oz from 1lb 5oz?

You have to convert the 1lb 5oz to all ounces and then subtract: 1lb 5oz = 21oz; 21oz - 12oz = 9oz

Convert 3.99 per lb to dollars per kilogram?

3.99$/1lb * 1lb/0.453 kg = 8.80$/kg

What object is 1 kilogram?

That's not actually a real math question.because any object could be 1kilogram.. You can have 1kilogram of feathers.1kilogram of rocks.1kilogram of sand etc

Can you convert 114.9 kilos into stones and pounds?

114.9 kilos is approximately 18 stones and 1.5 pounds.

What is larger 1kilogram or 1500grams?

To compare such measurements, convert them all to the same unit - then compare. In this case, you can convert everything to kilograms, or everything to grams. Remember that 1 kilogram = 1000 grams.

What ratio would you use to convert 3.5 pounds to ounces?

16 oz/ 1lb

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Every 1lb = 453.6 grams 149 lb = 67585.3

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Which is bigger 1kilogram or 1000grams?

They are the same.

If a recepie calls for 1lb how much liquid is that?

You can't convert pounds into a volume because it would depend on how dense what you are measuring is.