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You can't. Inches measures length. Square feet measure area.

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Q: How do you convert 23 feet by 5 inches to square feet?
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How many inches in 23 square feet?

Your units do not make sense with respect to one another. Inches are units of length while square feet are units of area. I will assume that you mean how many square inches are in 23 square feet. 1 foot = 12 inches therefore 23 ft^2*(12 inches/1 foot)^2 this is your equation to convert to square inches. notice that the ft^2 cancel with the foot^2 in the parentheses. so 23*12^2 or 23*144 = 3312 in^2 is your answer

How many square feet in 23 inches x 28 inches?

4.472 square feet.

How many square feet is 23 sq inches?

0.15972 square feet.

How many square feet are there in a room that measures 35 feet 2 inches by 23 feet 11 inches?

841.0694 square feet.

How many cubic feet is 23 inches wide and 53 inches long?

23 x 53 is 1219 square inches or 8.47 square feet. To find cubic feet, we'd have to know the third dimension: depth.

How many cubic feet are in 23 by 33 inches?

The area of 23 inches times 33 inches is 759 square inches. That cannot be converted to a volume in cubic feet.

How many square feet in 23 inches x 27 inches?

There are 23 X 27 = 621 square inches in the specified rectangular area. Since there are 144 square inches per square foot, there are 621/144 = 4.3 square feet, to justified number of significant digits.

What is 23 feet by 23 feet in square feet?

It is: 23 times 23 = 529 square feet

Length 23 and width19.8 convert into sq feet?

If the length and width are in feet, the answer is 455.4 square feet. If they are not in feet, then there is no way to answer the question.

How many square feet in 40 x 23 inches?

6.3888 ft2

How many square feet in 17.25 x 23 inches?

2.756 sq. ft.

How many inches does 23 feet equals?

23 feet is 276 inches.

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