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Q: How do you convert 3 yards of mushroom manure to ton?
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Convert 827 ton sand to cubic yards?

it's over 9000

How many cubic meters are in one ton of cow manure?

One of the defintions of a ton is 1000 kg. As fresh cow manure is predominantly water one ton is about 1 m3.

How many cubic yards in a ton of topsoil?

How many cubic yards in a ton of topsoil?

How do you convert Ton of structural steel to Cubic Yard?

1 tonne of structural steel = approx 0.17 cu yards.

How many yards of trash are in a ton?

Yards is a measure of length. Ton is a measurement of weight. There is no comparison.

How many liters of cow manure is in a ton?

Depends on the cow.

How do you divide 11.00 ton by 25 yards?

11 tons/25 yards = 0.44 ton per yard.

How many yards in 1 ton?

A yard is a measure of length and a ton is a measure of mass. If you mean cubic yards then it depends on what the ton is example a ton of dirt or sand or even gravel.

Is it possible to convert 1.5 ton window AC to 1 ton window AC?

1.5 ton convert kw

How many cubic yards in a ton of wood?

Depends on the wood and the ton used. For example a metric ton of Canadian Pine would be about 2.5 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards of trash make a ton?

Approx 20 Cubic Yards of sea water = 1 ton Between 3 and 6 Cubic yards of Paper = 1 ton Hope this helps

How do you convert ton to watts?

1 ton=3.516KW

How many cubic yards in one ton of gravel?

3 yards

How many cubic yards in 1 ton white crushed marble?

Something on the order of .6 yards per US ton

How many cu yards equal a ton?

That depends on the material, as a ton is a unit of mass, while cubic yards are a measure of volume.

Yard per ton?

1.35 yards per ton road mix.

Convert 90 kn to ton?

9.17745 ton-force

How many square yards in a ton of rip rap?

The answer would depend on the size of the ton - there are two weights for a ton.

How many yards in a ton of coco coir or peat?

1 yard = 1 ton

How do Convert ton to watts?

1 ton of refrigeration = 3516.852842067 watts

How do you convert ton into horsepower?

one ton is equal to 4.71 horsepower.

How do you convert long ton in to net ton?

Asset Protection-BOH

Convert 1 ton to watts?

You cannot convert tons to watts. A ton is a unit of weight. A watt is a unit of power.

How do you convert dollars per gallon in dollar per ton?


How many cubic yards of dirt are in a ton?

There is about 2800lbs in 2 yards of top soil.