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This question can be simplified: If you only use one unit multiplier, then your

answer is simply 180 inches (36 inches in a yard, 5 yards). If you use two unit

multipliers, which takes more time, the process by which you get 180 inches is

as follows: 12 inches in a foot, times 3 feet in a yard (36 inches) times 5 yards

(180 inches).


But the question did specify the method of solution, which should remind us

that learning the method is more important than the answer to little problems

like this one.

A "unit multiplier" is a fraction with equal numerator and denominator, which is

therefore equal to ' 1 ', and you can multiply a measurement by it without changing

the value of the measurement.

Each of the fractions in the following procedure is equal to ' 1 ':

(5 yards) x ( 3 feet/yard ) x (12 inches/foot) = 180 inches

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Q: How do you convert 5 yards to inches using two unit multipliers?
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What two unit multipliers do you use to convert 10000 inches to miles?

I would use 1/36 to convert inches to yards and 1/1760 to convert yards to miles.

How do you convert 124 inches to yards per hour in unit multipliers?

You cannot. Inches are a measure of distance whereas yards per hour is a measure of speed. The two measure different things and you cannot convert from one to the other without additional information.

Do you multiply or divide to change inches to yards?

1 yard = 36 inches. To convert inches to yards, divide inches by 36. To convert yards to inches, mutlipy yards by 36.

Use six unit multipliers to convert 40 cubic yards to cubic inches?

cu. yards x 27 ( cu. ft. per cu. yd ) x 12x12x12 ( cu. inches per cu. foot ) Thus, 40 x 3x3x3 x 12x12x12 =

Convert 9.5 yards to inches?

9.5 yards = 342 inches

How do you convert yards into inches?

To convert inches into yards, divide by 36. There are 36 inches in 1 yard, so if you have 36 inches and you wish to convert that to yards, you'll divide the number of inches (36) by 36, which is the conversion factor. And 36/36 = 1, so 36 inches = 1 yard.

How inches are in 25yd?

25 yards is 900 inches (multiply yards by 36 to convert to inches).

How many inches are in five yards?

5 yards = 180 inches FYI: Google "convert 5 yards to inches"

How many yards are in 76 inches?

A yard has 36 inches. To convert from yards to inches, multiply by 36.

How many yards is 171 inches?

Divide by 36 to convert inches into yards = 171/36 yards

How do you convert 84inches to yards?

1 inches = 0.0277777778 yards84 inches = 2.33 yards

How do you convert 288 inches to yards?

There are 36 inches to a yard. That works out to 8 yards.