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Multiply 800 by 10 to the negative 9th power, so that would be 8 by 10 to the negative 7th power.

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Q: How do you convert 800 nanometers to meters?
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Related questions

How many meters is 150 nanometers?

To convert from nanometers to meters, divide by 1,000,000,000.

How many nanometers is .125 meters?

To convert meters to nanometers, multiply by a billion.

HOW to convert meters to nanometers?

Multiply meters by 1 billion to get the same length in nanometers.

Convert 345 nanometers to meters?

345 nanometers = 345 x 10-9 meters.

Convert 692.1 nanometers to meters?

692.1 nanometers is equivalent to 0.0000006921 meters, or 6.921 x 10^-7 meters.

Convert 400 nanometers to meters?

it is not knowlageable to me

Convert 700 nanometers to meters?

7*10^-7 Meters

Convert 3.9 nanometers to meters?

3.9*10^-9 meters

What is 600 nanometers converted into meters?

To convert 600 Nanometers to Meters, we need to multiply the 600 Nanometers by 1.0E-9. 600 Nanometers x 1.0E-9 = 6.0E-7 Meters So finally 600 nm = 0.0000006 m

How do you convert nanometers to meters?

Multiply by 10^-9

Convert 672 nanometers to meters?

1 nanometer=1E-09 meters and the answer is .000000672 meters

How do you change nanometers to meters?

To convert a nanometer to a meter, simply divide your measurement in nanometers by 1 billion.

How do you convert 500 nanometers to meters?

Divide by 109 (a billion).

How do you convert nanometers into meters?

Divide your nanometer value by 1 billion.

Convert 800 meters into kilometers?

800 meters = 0.8 kilometers. (A kilometer is 1000 meters.)

Convert 650 nanometers to meters?

One nanometer is equivalent to .000000001 meters (1 x 10^-9 m). Therefore 650 nanometers equals .00000065 meters or 6.5 x 10^-7 meters.

How do you convert meters into nano-meters?

Multiply the number of meters by 1,000,000,000 (one billion) to get the number of nanometers.

Convert 10 nanometers to meters?

10 nanometres = 1 hundred millionth of a meter

What is 800 linear meters in square meters?

You can't convert that.

Wavelength of visible light is of order?

400 to 800 nanometers (0.0000004 to 0.0000008 meters)

Convert 800 square feet to square meters?

800 square feet = 74.32 square meters.

What is the frequency of visible light with a wavelength of 506 nanometers?

Convert that to meters. Then divide the speed of light (in meters/second) by the wavelength. The answer will be in hertz.

How many nanometers are in 0.3 meters?

0.3 meters=300,000,000 nanometers

How many nanometers are in 2 meters?

2 meters = 2,000,000,000 nanometers

Convert the measurements to meters 2.24nm?

There are 0.00000000224 meters in 2.24 nm or nanometers. In Si units, one nanometer is equivalent to 1.0 x 10E-9 meters.