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8 ft * 8 ft = 64 ft²

Converting that to square meters = 5.9458 m²

Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula 64 ft²*144 in²

1 ft²*6.4516 cm²

1 in²*1 m²

10000 cm²=5.94579456 m²

Direct Conversion Formula 64 ft²*0.09290304 m²

1 ft²=5.94579456 m²

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Q: How do you convert 8 feet by 8 feet into square meters?
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What is the square meter of 8ft x 8ft?

Convert feet to meters, then multiply. 8 feet is about 2.44 meters so 8 by 8 would be about 9.95 square meters.

What is the easiest way to convert square meters to square feet?

One square meter equals 10.7639 square feet. The formula looks like 1sq. meter = 10.7639 sq feet. If you have 8 sq. meters you would multiply 10.7639 by 8 and you would get how many square feet 8 sq. meters is.

What is 800 square feet to square meter?

Divide by 10000 to convert from sq cm to sq meters Answer = 5 meters

What is 8 square meters in square feet?

8 square meters = ~86.1 square feet.

How many square meters are in a room measuring 13 ft by 8 ft?

First let's convert the feet to meters: 13 feet = 3.9624 meters and 8 feet = 2.4384 meters Now multiply and round and the answer is: 9.66 square meters, 10 square meters is probably good enough for most purposes.

What is the area of a sheet of metal which is 8 ft 3 inches long and 2.60 meters wide?

Convert both dimensions into feet or meters and multiply them to obtain square feet or square meters

How many square meters in a 8 feet square?

8 square feet = ~0.7 (0.74322432) square meters.

How many square meters in 10feet x 8 ft?

I suggest you convert feet to meters (1 foot = 0.3048 meters), then multiply.

If 8 square feet to square meters?

There are approximately 0.74322432 square meters in 8 ft2. I just love the Linux units command. You can do the same trick on the Google command line with the word "convert."

How may square meters is 8 feet by 13 feet?

104 square feet = 9.66192 square meters.

How many square meters is 5 feet by 8 feet?

3.72 square meters.

How many square meters is 8 feet by 14 feet?

10.405 square meters.