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Use Google. For example open google and type "5 miles" and click search. Try it!

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Q: How do you convert English measurements to metric?
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When should you convert metric measurements to standard US measurements?

as often as possible

2 types of measurements?

English and Metric

Why do we prefer to use metric units of measurements over English units of measurements?

Metric units of measurement are more fun to say.

How do you convert 25 pounds into metric measurements?

To convert 25 pounds into metric measurements: 2.20462 lb = 1 kg Therefore divide by 2.20462: 25 lb = 25 / 2.20462 kg/lb = 11.34 kg

What are the two standard of measurements?

The English system and the metric system.

How do you convert measurements from one level of the metric system to another level of the metric system?

Multiply or divide by a power of 10.

How do you compare or rank metric measurements with different units?

You convert them into the same unit and compare them.

Is a pound an english or metric unit?

A pound is part of the imperial system of measurements, which were used in England, and elsewhere, before the introduction of metric measurements.

Did french use metric or English measurements in 1600?

i searched it up through books and i found that it was Metric

How do you convert decimals to metric?

Decimals are a way to represent numbers whereas metric refers to a system of measurements. There can be no conversion from one to the other.

What are the similarities of the English system of measurements and metric system?

Both systems have measurements for distance, area, volume, and mass or weight.

Where can you get the metric plans for a langstroth bee hive?

See related links for plans. There are two, one with metric measurements, the other with imperial (inch) measurements but more detail.To convert inches to millimetres multiply by 25.4