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Depends on what you mean. If you mean feet/sec, it's already a movement speed. if it's frames per second, it depends on how large the frame was as well as how many frames the object is present in the frame.

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Q: How do you convert FPS to movement speed?
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How do you convert 760 mph to fps?

3,600/5,280 gives you 1 fps in m.p.h Example: 52.8 f.p.s = 36 m.p.h.

How much is 60 PSI in fps?

PSI is a pressure measurement. FPS is a speed measurement. It's not possible to convert between the two without a great deal of additional information (it might, for example, be possible to convert a pressure measurement in the chamber of a gun to an expected muzzle velocity of the projectile, with sufficient additional information).

What does fps stand for in speed and recording terms?

fps = foot, pound & second respectivily

How fast is 1 fps?

If you are referring to frames per second (fps), then 1 fps is very very slow. It's sluggish and you will see frame by frame the speed of a video or game.Let's say you're watching a film, at 1 fps, you will see every minor lip movement that the actors make, even if they're just moving their lips by a centimetre.Many people become frustrated at this as they want to watch their movie at regular speed, not frame by frame.

What is the speed of a gun bullet?

a few hundred FPS to multiple thousands of FPS depending on the exact weapon.

What is the average speed of a gun?

No such thing as an average speed- varies greatly by caliber. I have some firearms that shoot at 830 FPS, and some that shoot at 4000 FPS.

What is the IBO speed of a Hoyt zr200?

340 fps

What is the speed of bullet fired from GPMG?

About 3,000 fps

The top speed of a bullet?

4000 fps or more.

What fps can you expect from walther cps with walther high speed pellets?

The CPS is rated at 400 FPS with regular pellets, you can expect about 20% increase in FPS.

What is the Desert Eagle fps?

The DE was made in several different calibers. The speed of the bullet (FPS) depends on which cartridge.

What is the fps of a real gun?

FPS is the measurement of speed in feet per second. Depending on what kind of bullet you are talking about, bullets can travel as fast as 4400 fps. Here are a few examples: 9mm-about 1050 fps. .45ACP-about 900 fps. 5.56mm-about 2700-3300 fps. .50bmg-about 2900 fps.