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A = pi * r2, so by dividing both sides of the equation by pi then taking the square root of both sides, you get...

r = (A/pi)½

(r equals the square root of the quotient of A divided by pi.)

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Q: How do you convert area back to radius?
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How do you convert diameter to area?

To convert diameter to area , you will need to divide the diameter by two so as to get the radius. The result you get, square it and them multiply it by 3.14 to find the area.

How do you convert radius to square feet?

In order to do this, you must have the radius in feet.-- Square the radius (multiply it by itself)-- Multiply the answer by 'pi'. (3.142 is close enough)-- The answer is the area of the circle, in square feet.

How do you convert an area of 16.5 acres into a distance around an island?

assuming the island is circular.... use the formula Area=(pi)x(radius squared) to find the radius, then use the formula C=2(pi)(radius) to determine the circumference.

How do you convert radius into circumference?

2 x pi x radius

How do you convert diameter into radius?

Diameter is half of the radius. Times it by 2.

How many acres in a 1 mile radius circle?

Use the formula for the area of a circle: area = pi x radius2. Then convert square miles to acres.

What is area of semicircle?

The area of a semicircle is half of the area of a circle. The area of a circle is pi x radius x radius. So the area of a semicircle is 1/2 x pi x radius x radius or (pi x radius x radius) / 2.

What happens to the area of a circle when the radius is doubled tripled?

The area increases as the square of the radius (or diameter). So if you double the radius you * 4 (quadruple) the area. Treble the radius, you *9 the area.

How do you get circumference from area of a circle?

Area = π × radius² → radius² = area/π → radius = √(area/π) Circumference = 2 × π × radius = 2 × π × √(area/π) = √(2² × π² × area/π) = √(4 × π × area)

What is a radius square?

When you try to figure out an area of a circle, you square the radius, then multiply it by pi to get the area of a circle. A radius square is radius x radius, or radius squared.

How do you convert basic circumference into radius?

Circumference = 2*pi*radius Radius = Circumference/(2*pi)

How do you convert radius into perimeter?

Multiply the radius by itself, then multiply the result by Pi.

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