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You can't convert cc/min to cc/lbs.

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Q: How do you convert cc per min to cc per pounds?
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How does 675 cc convert to pounds?

Milliliters (cc) can't be converted to pounds. Milliliters measure volume, while pounds measure mass.

How do you convert cc to horse power?

very hard to convert, about 2.5-3.5hp per 100 cc in mowers

What can be measured in pounds per gallon or grams per cc?


What is 520 cc in pounds?

cc, or cubic centimeter, is a unit of volume in the metric system, the amount of space something occupies. lbs, or pounds is the unit of weight in the US. You can not express cc in lbs. If you name a substance, such as water, or lead, you can calculate the weight of 520 cc of that substance in grams, then convert it to lbs. Water weighs 1 gram per cc. You can take it from there.

How do you convert grams per minute to CC's per minute?

You don't because grams and cc are two different types of measure. A gram is weight or mass and CC is volume.

How do you convert cc to pounds?

Doesn't work. CC is a measure of volume, pounds is a measure of weight. You'd get different results depending on the density of whatever material you're talking about.

How do you convert watt to cc?

plz wont to convert 1200 w to how many cc

Convert cc to hp?

A convert cc has 350 horsepower

Convert 100 pounds of milk into liters?

The density of milk varies from mammal to mammal and from season to season. It is approx 1.03 grams per cc and at that density, 100 pounds of milk would be 44.03 litres, approx.

How many pounds is 752 cc?

Per breast = one happy husband!

What is the Formula for converting cubic inche?

You don't say what you want to convert cubic inches to, but I'm guessing that you want to convert it to cc's or liters; so I will give both formulas. There are 2.54 cm per inch; so you need to cube that number to convert to cc's. Cubing 2.54 gives 16.39 cc's per cubic inch. To get liters, just divide cc's by 1000. Example: Give the size of a 350 cubic inch engine in cc's and liters. 350x16.39=5736 cc's, or 5.7 liters.

How do you convert cc to L?

cc / 1000 = Liters

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