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It depends on what you consider to be "customary" and what you wish to convert them to.

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Q: How do you convert customary units of length?
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What are the customary units of length?

customary units of length is yards,feet,miles,and inches

What are customary units of length?

inches are the answer

What do you use to convert customary units and metric units?

You use conversion factors.

How do you compare and convert fractions in customary units of length?

If you don't know their equivalence, then you can either get a common denominator, and compare the numerators. Or you can divide and convert them all to decimal form and then compare.

In which measurement system is easier to convert units customary or metric?


How many feet in one sequre feet?

You can convert units of length to units of length, and units of area to units of area. But it doesn't make sense to convert between units of length and units of area.

What would you use to measure the length of your finger?

inches in customary units

92960000 in kilometers?

It doesn't make sense to convert that. You can convert units of length to units of length, for example; but you can't convert a pure number to a length.

How do you convert units in the US customary system?

Look for an online measurements converter.

Convert 7400 square meters in to running meters?

It doesn't make sense to convert that. You can only convert units of the same kind, e.g., units of length to units of length; units of area to units of area; units of time to units of time, etc.

Convert millimeters to millimeters cubed?

You can't convert that. You can only convert between units that measure the same thing - length units to length units, time units to time units, etc. Anything else simply doesn't make sense.

What is the length of a man's shoe size in US Customary Units?

10 1/2

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