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by dividing the number by 100.

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Q: How do you convert fractions with percent signs into normal fractions?
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Do you change signs when dividing fractions?


How do you change 140 percent to a fraction?

to change percentages to fractions, divide by 100%, the percent signs will cancel out and you will be left with a fraction, you may need to simplify so you take 140%/100% the percentage signs cancel and you have 140/100 simplify and you end up with 7/5 or 1.4

Where can you find fractions in the world?

you can find fractions on a recipe,shoes,signs,or notebooks as long as it is a fraction.

When subtracting like fractions what happens to the numerator and the denominator?

The fractions are re-scaled so that the denominators are the same and then the numerators are subtracted as required by the signs.

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What is the difference between subtracting with regrouping in whole numbers and subraction with regrouping in fractions?

We look at the signs of numbers when we need to combine them. We subtract only if numbers have different signs, otherwise we add them. So that, if we have in an expression several positive and negative numbers, we prefer to group numbers with the same sign and add them in order to subtract just once. While with fractions we like to group fractions with the same denominator first, and after that we can combine all fractions by finding their LCD.

What can you ignore when you calculate percent error?

plus and minus signs

When you calculate percent error you ignore what?

plus and minus signs

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They are called symbols. The money sign is the currency symbol. The comma is the thousands separator symbol. The percent sign is the percentage symbol.

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