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Multiply Imperial gallons/foot by 14.915

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Q: How do you convert gallons per linear foot to liters per linear meter?
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How do you convert gallons per square foot to liters per square meter?

Use this formula: (US) gallons per square foot x40.745 = liters per square meter

How do you convert meter to linear meter?

A meter is a linear measurement, therefore 1 meter is the same as 1 linear meter.

How do you convert liters to square meter?

You cannot convert a volume to an area. You can, however, convert liters to cubic meters, since both are volumes. There are 1000 liters in a cubic meter, so to convert to cubic meters divide by 1000 liters / cubic meter.

Square meter to linear meter?

You can't convert that.

How you can convert the meter into linear meter?

The meter is a linear unit of meassurement, so basically you are talking about the same thing.

How many linear meter in a Square meter?

You can't convert that.

How do you convert linear meters to meters I want to convert 3000 Linear meter to meter?

A linear meter is exactly the same as a meter. So, 3000 linear meters = 3000 meters. "Linear" is just an unnecessary adjective to be used only if there is some doubt whether you are refering to a length (meter, m), area (square meter, m2) or volume (cubic meter, m3).

How can you convert the meter into linear meter?

Insert the word "linear". They both refer to 1-metre lengths.

How square meter in a linear meter?

You can not convert that. Square meters and linear meters measure completely different things.

How do you convert a square meter to linear yard at 60 wide?

at 60 " wide how do you convert linear yards to meters

How do you convert meters to linear meter?

A linear metre is a metre.

How many Canadian gallons to a cubic meter?

A cubic meter is 1000 liters.A Canadian gallon is 4.535 liters, so 1000/4.535 is 220.507 gallons.For the American part. An American gallon is 3.786 liters, so 1000/3.786 is 264.131 gallons.

How do you convert cubic meter to liters?

Cubic meters x 1,000 = liters

How you convert linear meter to inches?

1 meter = 39.3701 inches Multiply by 39.3701

How many linear meter in 250 kilogram?

none, a linear meter is a distance, a kilogram is mass, there is no way to convert from one to the other.

On a water meter cubic feet to us gallons convert?

1 cubic meter of water = 264.172 US gallons

How do you convert Linear meter to millimeter?

A linear metre is the same as a metre and it is equivalent to 1000 millimetres.

Cubic meter to liter?

multiply b 1000 to convert from cubic meter to liters

Convert a lineal meter to a meter?

A lineal (more commonly linear) metre is the same as a metre.

How do i convert 1 square meter to linear meter?

You don't. The two are completely incompatible units.

Convert meter to linear meter?

A metre and a linear metre are the same unit of measurement - the word "linear" is used merely to distinguish it from a square or cubic metre, of two or three dimensions.

How do you convert normal liters per minute into normal meter cube per minute?

Since a cubic meter is the same as 1000 liters, you have to divide the liters by 1000.

Convert cubic meter to liters?

Like so: cubic meters x 1,000 = liters

How do you convert reading of gas meter cubic to liters?

Multiply cubic meters by 1,000 to get liters.

How do you convert square meter price to linear yard price?

You dont.