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Use this formula: gallons per minute x 0.227 = cubic meters per hour

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Q: How do you convert gallons per minute to cubic meters per hour?
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How you convert gallons to cubic meters and cubic meters to gallons?

There are about 264.172052 U.S. gallons in a cubic meter, and about 0.0037854 cubic meters in a U.S. gallon. Here's how to convert from one to the other. Grab you calculator. If you have U.S. gallons, divide by 264.172052 to get cubic meters. If you have cubic meters, divide by 0.0037854 to get U.S. gallons.

How do you convert cubic meters to imperial gallons?

Cubic meters x 220 = Imperial gallons

How do you convert cubic meters per minute into cubic feet per minute?

There are about 31.315 cubic feet in a cubic meter, so to convert cubic meters per minute to cubic feet per minute, you'd multiply by 31.315 to get your conversion from cubic meters/minute to ft3/minute.

Convert cubic feet per minute to cubic meter per minute?

To convert cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per minute, use the following formula:cubic feet per minute x 0.0283 (0.0283168466) = cubic meters per minute

Convert cubic meters to gallons?

To convert cubic meters to (US) gallons, use this conversion factor: 264.2 (there are 264.2 US gallons in one cubic meter of volume). Therefore:cm3 x 264.2 = US gallons

1200 gallons convert to cubic meter?

1,200 US gallons = about 4.54 cubic meters.

Convert 818000 cubic meters into US gallons?

818,000 cubic meters = 216,100,000 US gallons. (m3 x 264.2 = US gallons)

How do you convert cubic meters per second to cubic meters per minute?

Multiply by 60.

Convert cubic feet per minute to cubic meters per second?

Cubic feet per minute x 0.000472 = cubic meters per second.

How to Convert gallons u.k to cubic meters?

Use this equation: Imperial (UK) gallons x 0.00454609 = cubic metres

How do you convert 750 gallons per minute to cubic feet per hour?

For US gallons, use this equation: gallons per minute x 8.020833333 = cubic feet per hour750 gallons/minute x 8.020833333 = about 6,015.625 cubic feet per hour

How to convert cubic meter to gallon?

Use this conversion: cubic meters x 264.17 = gallons

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