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You do not. A gram is a measure of mass, whereas a kilometre is a measure of distance. The two measure different things and, according to the basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

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This is an impossible question. A kilometer is a measure of distance and a gram is a measure of weight . This is like saying how do I convert an apple into an orange.

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Q: How do you convert grams to kilometers?
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How much is 361 kilometers convert into grams?

kilometers measures distance and grams measures weight or mass. You can not convert one to the oher.

How Convert kilometers to grams?

No, you cannot because kilometers are a unit of distance and grams are a unit of weight.

How many grams are in 6.8 kilometers?

You can't convert grams into kilometers. Was this even a serious question?

How many grams are there in 8.72 km?

Grams are a unit of mass while kilometers are a unit of length. You cannot convert grams to kilometers (or vice versa) because they measure two different characteristics.

0.9 kilometers equals grams?

0.9 km does not convert to grams. One is length and the other is mass. .9 kg equals 900 grams.

What is 4 grams in kilometers?

It doesn't make sense to convert from units of mass to units of length.

How do you convert 5 grams to kilometers?

A gram is a unit of mass. A kilometre is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How do convert grams to cups?

how do you convert grams to cups

How many kilometers are in a gram?

A gram is a unit of mass, while a kilometer is a unit of distance. These two units measure different physical quantities, so they cannot be directly converted.

What is 2.5 kilometers in to grams?

Kilometers can't be converted to grams. Kilometers measure length, while grams measure mass.

How do you convert square kilometers to kilometers?

Square kilometers represent an area, you can't convert to a linear dimension.

How do you convert ounces to kilometers?

You cannot convert ounces to kilometers. Ounces are a measurement of weight. Kilometers are a measurement of distance.