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I presume by hexa you mean hexadecimal, which is base 16. A hexadecimal number can be considered a polynomial in a variable whose value is 16, the coefficients being whole numbers ranging from 0 to 15. The hexadecimal digits after 9 are usually written as the letters A through F (sometimes in lower case); A means 10, B means 11, and so on. Just plug in 16 for the variable and evaluate the polynomial. For example, consider the hexadecimal number 3E7. The 7 is in the units place, the E, meaning 14, is in the 16's place, and the 3 is in the 162 (256) place. So the value of this number, in decimal, is 3 x 256 + 14 x 16 + 7, which works out to be 999 (so help me, I picked those digits at random!).

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Q: How do you convert hexa into decimal?
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Convert decimal number 12 into hexa decimal number?

It is C

How do you convert the octel number 6578.345 to hexa decimal?

That can't be an octal number; it has an 8 in it.

What is the hexa-decimal value of 159?

(159)decimal = (9F)HEX

Which number comes immediately after hexa decimal number FFEF?

0xFFEF + 1 = 0xFFF0.

How do you convert 3.5 into a decimal?

You cannot convert a decimal into a decimal!

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How do you convert 29.53 to a decimal?

Convert 29.53 to decimal

If computer use Binary number so why you use binary to hexa decimal or binary to octal?

You don't use binary because it's very hard reading a bunch of zeros and ones. You use hexa because each hexa digit corresponds to 4 bits, this makes it very easy to convert from hexa do binary and vice versa. For a similar reason you use octal because each digit corresponds to 3 binary digits. Example: 0101 10102 Has 8 binary digits so it will be 2 hexa digits: 01012 = 516 , 10102 = A16 So the full number will be: 0101 10102 = 5A16 This works for hexa and octal because 16 and 8 are powers of 2, it would also work for 4, 32, 64 or any other ower of 2 . Since 10 for decimal notation is not a power of 2 converting from binary is not so direct.

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How do you convert in to a decimal number?

The answer will depend on what you want to convert into a decimal number.

How do you use a power of ten to convert a decimal to a decimal?

If the number is already in decimal form, you do not need to do anything to "convert" it to decimal!

How do you convert 9.80 to a decimal?

9.80 IS a decimal so to convert it to a decimal you, very carefully, leave it exactly as it is.