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Divide the diameter in inches by 39.37, this will give the diameter in metres.

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Q: How do you convert inch dia. to meters?
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Related questions

6 inch dia equals inch meter?

0.152 meters.

How do you convert diameter in inches to metric?

The question does not make sense. The phrase "inch dia to meter" is nonsense. Further more, if it was a failed edit of "inch to diameter" it still does no make sense. That is like asking to convert inch to length.

Convert inches to meters?

1 inch = 0.0254 meters. Multiply by that factor to convert inches to meters.

Convert 5 feet 1 inch into meters?

5 feet 1 inch = 1.5494 meters

Convert 5.6 inch to meters?

5.6 inches is about 0.14224 meters.

Formula to convert meters to inches and inches to meters?

To convert meters to inches use: 1 meter = 39.3700787 inches To convert inches to meters use: 1 inch = 0.0254 meters

How do you convert meters and centimeters to feet and inches in C?

There are about 2.5 centimeters in one inch. Convert the meters to centimeters and divide that by 2.5

What is difference between dia inch and inch dia?

no differnece

Convert 0.50 inch to meters?

0.5 inch = 0.0127 meters. Here is a fine converter. Scroll down to related links and look at "Inch to meter conversion".

How do you convert meter to inch?

Meters x 39.37 = inches

Convert 5feet 4 inch to meters?

5 feet 4 inches is 1.6256 meters.

How do you convert in-pounds to Newton-meters?

Inch-pounds x 0.113 (or 0.112984829) = Newton meters.

What is difference between inch and inch dia?

one inch is one inch; one inch dia refers to one inch diameter of a circle; it is still one inch

How do you convert inch meters to area?

1 inch = 0.0254 metres so 1 inch metre = 0.0254 sq metres.

Inch dia calculation factors?

Inch dia = Number of weld joints X Size of the pipe

How many meters in 7 feet 6 inches?

Convert everything either to inches, or to feet (12 inches to the foot). Then convert the result to meters. One inch is 0.0254 meters, one foot is 0.3048 meters.

Convert inch pounds to newton meters?

Use the following calculator to convert between inch-pounds and newton meters. If you need to convert inch-pounds to other units, please try our universal Energy and Work Unit Converter.

6 inch weldolet welded to 12 inch pipe what is the inch dia involved?

The meaning of dia inch is the number of weld joints multiplied by the dia of a given pipe size, since the weld joints is on the 6" pipe, the calculations should be 1 weld x 6" = 6 dia inch.

How do you convert cubic inch to cubic meter?

1 cubic inch = 1.6387064 × 10-5 cubic meters For every cubic inch, multiply it by 0.000016387064 to attain cubic meters.

How can you convert Square inches to square meters?

1 sq inch = 0.00064516 sq metres

Convert 10 newton meters to inch pounds?

10nM is approximately 88.5 inch-pounds.

How convert square inches to dia?

363sq. in. =?dia.

Convert 5ft and 4in to meters?

5 feet 4 inch = (5 x 0.3048) + (4 x 0.0254) meters ~ 1.6 meters

How do you convert a quarter of an inch in meters?

1 inch = 0.0254 m 0.25 inch = 0.00635 m

How many inches is 80 meter?

One inch is exactly 0.0254 meters. Therefore, to convert from meters to inches, just divide the number of meters by that number.