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joules/second = watts on a one-to-one basis. watts = volts X amps, or more appropriately to this question, amps = watts/volts. You would need to know both the wattage and the voltage of the system in question to "convert joules to amps." you know the wattage, since you know the joules(per second). just establish the voltage, and you can solve for amps.

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Q: How do you convert joules to amps?
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How do you convert work to joules?

The unit for work is joules. It is not clear what you want to convert.

How do you convert from killi joules to joules?

To convert from kilo joules to joules you have divide by 1000 as 1 kilo joule is equal to 1000 joules. E.g. 2 kilo joules equals 2000 joules.

How do you convert kilojoules to joules?

To convert from kilojoules to joules you have divide by 1000. meaning 1 kilo joule is equal to 1000 joules.

How do you convert Joules To fahrenheit?

You cannot convert Joules to Fahrenheit. They are two different kinds of measurements. Fahrenheit measures temperature and Joules measures energy.

How do you convert kelvins to Joules?

Kelvins and joules mean different things, so normally you CAN'T convert them.

How do you convert BTU to joules?

BTU x 1,055.056 = joules

How do you convert Joules per sq cm to Joules?

you dont

Convert amps to watts?

You can not simply convert amps to watts. Volts x Amps = Watts

How ca you convert calories to joules?

Calories x 4.1868 = joules

How do you Convert Joules to kiloJoules?

1000 Joules = 1 kiloJoule. So divide Joules by 1000 to get kJ.

How do you convert 500VA into amps?

4.3 amps

Convert 75.2 calories into joules?

75.2 calories equates to about 314.85 joules. (about 4.1868 joules per calorie).

How do you convert Mega Joules to Joules?

simply by multiplying by 10 exponent 6 !

What is the relation of joules to calories?

A calorie equals approximately 4.18 joules. To convert calories to joules, multiply by 4.18 To convert joules to calories, divide by 4.18

Convert 18 VDC to AC amps?

Amps is amps be it DC or AC.

How do you convert calories to joules?

Calories x 4.18 = Joules

Can you Convert 5.42 calories to joules?

Yes. 5.42 calories equates to 22.692456 joules.

How do you convert Amps to VA?

Multiply the amps by the volts and the answer is the VA

How do you convert 208 amps to kVA?

To convert amps to kVA, you use the following formula: Amps = (kVA x 1000 / voltage) / 1.73

How convert kw to amps?

In order to convert kilowatts to amps, multiply kilowatts by 1000 and divide by volts: amps = 1000 × kilowatts / volts

Convert Joules to kelvin?

One Kelvin is approximately 1.3807 x 10^(-23) Joules.

How do you convert joules to cm?

It isn't possible. Joules is the measure of energy and cm is a measure of distance.

How do you convert 1997436.144 Kilojoule to KiloWAtt?

You can't convert from Joules to Watts because Joules is a measure of total energy, and Watts measure energy per second.

How do you convert grams to joules?

Gram is a unit of mass where as joule is unit of energy. so we cant convert them.

How do you you convert cal to joules?

1 calorie = 4.1858 joules 1 joule = 0.2389029576186153 calories As an example, convert 5 calories to joules. 1 calorie = 4.1858 joules, therefore 5 calories = 4.1858 x 5 joules = 20.929 joules. So when converting calories to joules, multiply the number of calories by 4.1858 to give you the number of joules.

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