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Take the kilometers per hour and divide by 60. (60 minutes in an hour)

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Q: How do you convert kilometers per hour to kilometers per minute?
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What is the formula to convert kilometers per hour to miles per minute?

Formula: km/h x 0.0103561865 = miles per minute

What is the formula used to convert kilometers per hour to kilometers per minute?

one should divide kmph by 60. i.e. 120 kmph = 120/60 kmpm = 2 kilometers per minute

How do you convert kilometers per hour into lightyears per minute?

Let 'K' be the speed expressed in kilometers per hour.(1K kilometers/hour) x (1 light-year / 9.46073 x 1012 kilometer) x (1 hour / 60 minute) =( 1.76167 x 10-15 K ) light-years per minute (rounded)

A train travels at a speed of 30 miles per hour If 1 mile equals 1.6 kilometers how fast is the train traveling in kilometers per minute?

You start by converting that to kilometers per hour, which would be 48 kilometers per hour. An hour contains 60 seconds, and to convert to smaller units of time, you divide, so 48/60 is 0.8 kilometers per minute.

9 kilometers per hour in kilometers per minute?

Nine km per hour equates to 0.15 km per minute.

What is 249 kph in kilometres per minute?

249 kilometers per hour = 4.15 kilometers per minute.

What is 1100 feet per minute in km per hour?

1,100 feet per minute = 20.1168 kilometers per hour.

How do you convert 859 miles per hour to kilometers per hour?

Conversion: mph x 1.6093 = kilometers per hour

How do you convert dollars per hour into cents per minute?

dollars per hour x 1.67 = cents per minute

How do you convert gallons per hour to ounces per minute?

gallons per hour x 2.133 = ounces per minute

How do you convert from millimeter per minute to meter per hour?

Millimeters per minute x 0.06 = meters per hour

How fast in 200 miles per hour in kilometres per hour?

To convert miles to kilometers, multiply by 1.6. The same if you want to convert miles/hour to kilometers/hour.