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This poses a problem.

How can you make a measure of distance only into a measure of mass?

How can you add volume to something that does not have volume?

This can simply not be done.

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Q: How do you convert metres into cubic metres?
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How do you convert cubic metres into cubic feet?

Multiply the cubic metres by 35.315 to get cubic feet.

How do you convert cubic metres into square metres?

You can't. Square metres is a area and cubic metres is a volume.

How do you convert cubic ft to cbm?

To convert cubic metres to cubic feet, multiply by 35.314667 To convert cubic feet to cubic metres, multiply by 0.028316847

How do you convert cm3 into m3?

cubic centimetres / 1,000,000 = cubic metres

What is 9000000 cubic centimeters convert to cubic meters?

9000000 cubic centimetres = 9 cubic metres

How do you convert 105m2 in to cubic meters?

You don't. Square metres is a measure of area while cubic metres is a measure of volume.

How do you convert length x width x height into cubic meters?

To measure in cubic metres, the units used must be metres. So if one of the measurements is 200 cm, use 0.2 metres in the calculation. If you don't do this then you will need to convert the cubic (?) result into cubic metres. For example, 1,000 cubic centimetres = 1 cubic metre. 1,000,000 cublic millimetres = 1 cubic metre.

How do you Convert 144 cubic inches to cubic meter?

1 inch = 0.0254 metres. So 1 cubic inch = (0.0254)3 cubic metres and 144 cubic inch = 144*(0.0254)3 cubic metres = 0.002360 m3

Convert 03cubic meter to liters?

1 cubic metre = 1000 litres so 03 cubic metres = 3 cubic metres = 3000 litres.

Can you convert 124cm 81cm 58cm into cubic meters?

1.24 metres (meters) x 0.81 metres (meters) x 0.58 metres (meters) = 0.582552 cubic metres (meters)

How do you convert kilograms to cubic meters?

You can't convert just Kgs. to cubic metres. A kilogram is a measure of weight while a cubic meter is a measure of size.

What is the multiplication factor to convert cubic metres to litres?

1 cubic meter = 1 kilolitre