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Milliliters divided by 1,000 = liters

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Q: How do you convert milliliters to liters?
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How do you convert liters to milliliters?

To convert liters to milliliters, multiply by 1000.

Sixteen Liters Is How Many Milliliters?

If you convert liters into milliliters, 16 liters equals 16,000 milliliters.

Convert 12 liters to milliliters?

12 liters is 12,000 milliliters.

How do you get liters to millimeters?

You don't. But, you can convert liters to milliliters: Liters x 1,000 = milliliters

What is 470 milliliters plus 1.3 liters?

Convert everything to the same unit, then add. (Either divide milliliters by 1000 to convert to liters, or multiply liters by 1000, to convert to milliliters.)

How many milliliters is 1.14195294 liters?

Multiply by 1000 to convert from liters to milliliters 1141.95294 milliliters

Convert 2.3liters to milliliters?

2.3 liters = 2300 milliliters

What conversation factor would you use to convert between liters and mililiters?

You would use division or multiplication depending on which way you were converting liters and milliliters. To convert liters to milliliters, you would multiply by 1,000; to convert milliliters to liters, you would divide.

There are one thousand in aliter?

There are 1000 milliliters in a liter. To convert from liters to milliliters, divide by 1000, and to convert from milliliters to liters, mulitply by 1000. (Liters to milliliters: move decimal 3 places to the left, and for milliliters to liters, move decimal 3 places to the right).

0.0255 liters what is this in mililiters?

To convert liters to milliliters, multiply by 1000. Therefore, 0.0255 liters is 25.5 milliliters.

What is 36ml in liters?

To convert from milliliters to liters, divide by 1000.

How do you convert 50 mL to liters?

A volume of 1 milliliter equals 0.001 liters. To convert milliliters to liters, multiply the number of milliliters by 0.001 liters. 50 milliliters equal 0.05 liters (50 x 0.001 = 0.05).

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