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The question, as stated, cannot be answered sensibly. A naongram per microlitre is a measure of density, with dimensions [ML-3]. A nanogram [alone] is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. The two measure different things and basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional information.

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Q: How do you convert nanograms per microliter to nanograms?
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How do you convert microliter per liter to milliliter per liter?

In order to convert a microliter per liter to a mililiter per liter, just divide by 1,000.

Convert 291 picograms per milliliter to nanograms per deciliter?


How do you convert nanograms per milliliter to milligram per liter?

Divide by 1000.

How many nanograms are in ten micrograms?

There are 1000 nanograms in a microgram. You have to multiply micro by 1000 to convert to nanograms. 10*1000 is 10,000 nanograms.

I need to know please what 66 nanograms per milliliters is when converted into milligrams?

nanograms per litre is a measure of concentration whereas milligrams is a measure of mass. The two measure different things and it makes no sense to convert from one to the other. If it helps, though, 1 milligram = 1 million nanograms.

How do you convert uL to cubic centimeters?

to convert from microliter to cubic centimiter divide by 1000.

What is the formula for how many micrograms are in 425 nanograms?

There are 1,000,000,000 nanograms in a gram. There are 1,000,000 micrograms in a gram. Therefore there are 1,000 nanograms in a microgram. So if you want to convert micrograms to nanograms, you divide by 1,000. Therefore 425 nanograms /1000 is 0.425 micrograms.

How do you convert nanograms to kilograms?

If you have some mass in nanograms, divide the number by 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) to get the same mass in kilograms. 1 kilogram = 1 trillion nanograms

How do you convert 6.2 x 10 2 grams into nanograms?

Multiply 6.2*102 by 109 to get 6.2*1011 nanograms

How do you convert 21 nanogram to milligrams?

You divide by 1000000. This is because there are 1000000 nanograms in a milligram. Therefore 21 nanograms is 0.000021 milligrams.

How do you convert 72 microliter to milliliter?

0.072 milliliters in micro liters.

How do you convert nanograms to parts per billion?

1000parts per billion = how much gold per to n in grams