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To convert number from standard form to scientific notation, you need to shift the decimal places left/right right up to the one between the leading nonzero digit and the adjacent digit. For instance:


Shift 2 decimal places to the right to obtain:

3.4 x 10-2.

Well, to convert the number from scientific notation to standard form, shift the number of decimal places in the opposite way. For instance, if the exponent for base 10 is -2, and you want to convert it back to the standard form, you shift 2 decimal places to the left.

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Q: How do you convert numbers into and out of scientific notation?
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How do you convert numbers in scientific notation to standard form?

Do nothing! Standard form and scientific notation are the same.

Can every decimal be written in scientific notation?

Yes - you can always convert numbers to scientific notation - whether they're whole numbers, or decimals.

What is 36 times 10 to the 3 power plus 15 times 10 to the 2 power?

It's best to convert those numbers from scientific notation to normal notation; that makes it easy to add them. After adding them, you can convert back to scientific notation if you want. Another option is to keep the numbers in scientific notation, but to convert them so that both have the same exponent.

What are the steps of the scientific notation in order?

The steps, in order, will depend on what you wish to do: convert from normal to scientific notation, the converse, perform one of the basic operations of arithmetic on numbers in scientific notation.

How do you convert 0.4428 into scientific notation?

Since .4428 is to the ten thousandths place, and scientific notation only takes an integer, a decimal point and then the numbers after it, the scientific notation would be 4.428 * 10-1

How do you convert 0.000089 into scientific notation?

It is 8.9*10^-5 in scientific notation

Convert the number 10 to a scientific notation?

While numbers under 1,000 usually aren't written in scientific notation 10 would be written as 1.0 x 101

How do you convert 0.00332 to scientific notation?

It is: 3.32*10^-3 in scientific notation

How do you say 13000000000000000000000000?

For such large numbers, I suggest you convert them to scientific notation.

How do you convert 195 trillion from standard notation to scientific notation?

It is: 1.95*10^14 in scientific notation

How do you convert 447.9 into scientific notation?

Scientific notation is simply taking out powers of 10 out of a number, to deal with large numbers. 447.9 can be converted to 4.479*100=4.479*10^2

Convert 1000000 into scientific notation?

1,000,000 in Scientific Notation = 1 x 106