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Q: How do you convert numbers to percentages to a likert scale of 1-5?
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How do you convert a 5 point likert to a 3 point likert and what role does item response theory play here?

Can a 3-point scale also be called a Likert scale?? PS

What is a likert scale?

real definition of likert scale?

How do you convert a 7 point likert to a 10 point likert?

The correct formula is: 1.5 x (N-1) +1 where N is the score on a 7 point scale.

What level of measurement is likert scale?

It depends on the specific likert scale, but generally it is the ordinal level

How do you convert percentages to a likert scale of 1-5?


How do you convert a 5 point likert scale to 4 point likert?

See the related link for more information. The Likert scale with 5 points typically has a middle neutral (neither agree or disagree) choice. In the 4-point scale, the neutral choice is removed, so that person who is uncertain is forced to lean (even if slightly) one way or the other.

What is the Best way to answer the Likert Scale?

The Likert type question is used to determine the respondent attitude or feeling on a particular specific item. There are numerous ways to set up the answer types on the Likert scale; see the related links.

Is a Likert scale quantitative or qualitative?


How do I make a likert scale questionnaire?

A Likert Scale Questionnaire is one where the subjects are asked to mark how much they agree with the point of view in the item. Rensis Likert devised it first. An item in a Likert Questionnaire could be "People who commit murder should be executed." The format for a five-point Likert scale could be: # Strongly disagree # Disagree # Neither agree nor disagree # Agree # Strongly Agree The results are either analyzed separately, or the whole scale may be totalled or summed. Because of this, Likert Scales are often called "Summative Scales".

What scale uses responses strongly agree agree neutral strongly disagree disagree?

The Likert Scale

Use of likert scale?

its mostly used in scaling responses in questioners and surveys

What is the Linkert scale used for?

The Likert scale is a psychometric scale commonly involved in research that gives its participants questionnaires. It is the approach to scaling responses in survey results.

Constructing likert attitude test scale?

Procurement planning is a primary function of procurement

How to design a likert scale?

A likert scale is basically questions with many choices for the answer. Answers for agreement include strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, or strongly disagree. For frequency examples of answer choices would be very frequently, frequently, occasionally, rarely, very rarely, or never.

Scale definition and types of scale?

Types of scales are:Guttman ScaleThurston ScaleRating ScaleLikert Scale

A survey question given in the Likert scale is an example of an open ended question true False?


Can you use spss to analyze Data collected on Likert scale?

Absolutely. SPSS doesn't care how you collect data; it just analyzes that data that you input. Likert scale data is usually treated as continuous, although this practice is not without some controversy from more conservative researchers.

What is the difference frequency graph versus percentage graph?

The main difference is that the vertical scale for a frequency graph is in units (or numbers) whereas in a percentage graph, it is in percentages,

How does guttman scale differ from the likert scale?

Guttman scale is a one way street. Meaning it only has positive values. common example are distance (cm/m/km) or weight (mg/g/kg)Likert scale is two way street. It has both positive and negative values. Commonly used are survey on perception. Hence a 5 Likert rating would give a 'rubric' ofStrongly Disagree (-2)Disagree (-1)Neutral (0)Agree (1)Strongly Agree (2)In the above example Likert possible rating is from -2 until +2

How do you convert a 5 point likert to a 10 point likert?

You can readily convert data from a 5-point scale to a 10-point equivalent. The process is basically to anchor the end points of the scale you want to convert to the 10-point. So 1 stays as 1, 5 becomes 10. The points in between are converted like this: 2 becomes 3.25; 3 becomes 5.5; 4 becomes 7.75. Note that this assumes the data are "equal interval" (e.g. the distance between 1 and 2 is the same as between 2 and 3 on the scale). Many researchers are leery of this assumption but the leading texts on marketing research assume equal interval data for Likert-based data. A recent study in the International Journal of Market Research reported on an experiment where three groups of respondents gave answers on either a 5-point, 7-point or 10-point scale. After this re-scaling procedure, the three scales gave almost identical results. The study reference is: Dawes, John "Do Data Characteristics Change according to the Number of Scale Points Used ? An experiment using 5-point, 7-point and 10-point scales". International Journal of Market Research, Vol 50, 1, 2008.

What is the difference between semantic differential scale likert scale?

Likert Scale How do you feel about Hot dogs?1 2 3 4 5 Love them Like them They're OK Dislike Them Hate ThemSemantic DifferentialHow do you feel about Hot dogs? 1 2 3 4 5 Love them Hate Them

How do you you convert 16 of an inch from an architectural scale to an engineering scale?

1/16 convert to engineering scale, 1 divided by 16 = 0.0625" 0.0625" (architectural) divided by (12 in/feet) (to convert to engineering scale) = 0.0052" in engineering scale

How do you find your GPA on a 5.00 unweighted scale?

Take your grades and convert them to numbers, add them up, and then divide by the number of grades.

How do you convert a direct statement scale to a linear scale?

by dete

What type of data would the total score in a likert scale be?

That depends upon whom you ask, as there is some degree of controversy around Likert scales. Many people, myself included, would consider it interval data, and it is usually interpreted that way. However, there is another school of thought that says that Likert data is ordinal at best. Both sides of the debate have valid points, and this question hasn't been settled.