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ANSWER You can't to do that. Cubic foot is the measurement unit of volume and a pound is the measurement unit of weight. For the correct convertion of that kind you must to know the density of a target material (water, iron, sand, wood and so on) V = W / D V - volume W - weight D - density
please convert 20 pounds into cubic feet.

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A cubic foot metre is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L3]. A pound is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. The two measure different things and basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional information.

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Q: How do you convert pounds to cubic feet?
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How do you convert cubic feet to pounds?

Cubic feet is a measurement of volume, while a pound is a unit of mass. They are not interchangeable.

How do you convert pounds into cubic feet for shipping?

There's no conversion factor; LBS is weight, cubic feet is volume.

Convert cubic feet of water to lbs?

To convert cubic feet of water into pounds, use this conversion:cubic feet of water x 62.4 = poundsNote: This assumes a weight of 8.34 pounds per US gallon.

How do you convert Cubic feet per Minute to pounds per minute of flow?

A cubic foot of air is approximately 0.0807 lbs. So to convert from cubic feet per minute to pounds per minute, just multiply cubic feet per minute by 0.0807. To go from pounds per minute to cubic feet per minute, divide by 0.0807.

How do you convert feet to cubic yards?

You can't convert feet to cubic yards, but you can convert cubic feet.1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet.

How do you convert feet to cubic yard?

You cannot convert feet to cubic yards. You can convert cubic feet to cubic yards by dividing by 27.

What is the formula to convert inches into cubic feet?

You can't convert that. You can convert inches to feet, or cubic inches to cubic feet.

How do you convert 62.4 pounds per cubic feet to kilogrmas per cubic meter?

Pounds per cubic foot x 16.0184634 = kg/m3

How do you convert millimeter to cubic feet?

convert milimeter to cubic feet

What is 100 cubic feet in meters?

You can convert cubic feet to cubic meters, or feet to meters. But you can't convert cubic feet to meters.

How do you convert cbm to cubic ft?

To convert cubic metres to cubic feet, multiply by 35.314667 To convert cubic feet to cubic metres, multiply by 0.028316847

Convert cubic feet to pounds?

You must have a specific gravity to do that . - ie a cubic foot of feathers is not the same weight as a cubic foot of iron.

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