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how to tranlslate(convert) pounds to miles?

You can't do this one.

Pounds are a measure of weight or mass,(sort of), in our 1 gravity environment. Miles are an invented "English" standard of distance, and hence, are an abstract measurement distance in space. You can hit someone with a pound of feathers but no amount of miles in measurement will ever have any weight (in pounds or grams or ounces)

. Hence the two measurements are incomparable.

Surely this ought to be obvious to anyone old enough to use a computer.

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Q: How do you convert pounds to miles?
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You don't, because they measure entirely different types of quantities. It's like asking how to convert pounds into miles.

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To convert pounds to kilograms you multiply pounds by 0.453.

How does kilometers convert to pounds?

Kilometers measure distance, like miles. Pounds (lbs) measure weight, like kilograms (kg). There are about 2.2 lbs in a kg.

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You can't convert that.

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