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the formula to convert degrees to radians
angle in radians = angle in degrees * Pi / 180 .

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Q: How do you convert radians to exact numbers?
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Related questions

Convert radians to degrees?

Multiply the radians by 180/PI to convert to degrees.

Convert degrees to radians 47.6925 degrees to radians?

47.6925 deg = 83.24 radians.

Convert 16.75 radians to revolutions?

One revolution = 2Pi radians 16.75 radians / 2Pi radians/rev ~= 2.666 revolutions

What is 30 degrees in terms of pi?

I assume you want to convert from degrees to radians. To convert from degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

How do you convert feet to radians?

In order to convert feet to radians, you will need to follow this equation: multiply by π/180Ã?. In order to convert radians to degrees, use this equation: multiply by 180Ã?/π.

How do you convert revolution into radians or degrees?

One revolution = 360 degrees or 2pi radians

How do you convert radians into degree in c language?

You can multiply the number of radians by 180/pi.

How do you calculate radians from degrees?

Scroll down to related links and use the fine calculator "Convert radians to degrees and degrees to radians".

What is the ansere to degree conversion?

That depends what the question is. To convert radians to degrees, you multiply by (180 / pi). To convert degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

Convert -320 degrees to radians?

-5.58505361 radians.

Convert 5 radians to degrees accurate to the nearest degree?

5 radians = 286 degrees.

What is the radian measure of an angle and how does it differ from the degree measure?

A complete circle is 360°, which is equal to 2π radians.To convert from degrees to radians, multiply by π radians per 180°.To convert from radians to degrees, multiply by 180° per π radians.

When first entering text in Excel its angle is degrees?

Text is typed in at zero degrees. Using the alignment settings, you can then slant it. All angles are assumed to be in radians. There is no "degree mode" as in scientific calculators; instead, if you have an angle in degrees, you have to convert it to radians. For example, to get the sine of 30 degrees, calculate = sin(30 * pi() / 180). pi() / 180 is the conversion factor to convert from degrees to radians. Check in the math functions - there is also a function that converts degrees to radians. Since I have Excel in Spanish here, I don't know the exact name in English, but I'll assume it is radians. If this is so, the formula can also be: =sin(radians(30)).

How do you convert degrees to radians?

Conversion: degrees x 0.017453 = radians

Convert -7pi2 radians to degrees?

-7 pi2 radians = -3,958.4 degrees (rounded)

Convert 60 to radians rounded to the nearest hundredth?

Assuming you mean 60 degrees, the answer is 1.05 radians.

How do you convert radians into degrees?

multiply by 57.2958

How do you convert minutes to radians?

god knows

How do you convert degrees into radians?

There is no word such as raduis. The nearest word that makes the question sensible is radians. To convert degrees to radians you multiply by pi/180. That is,d degrees = d*(pi/180) radians.

How do you convert 1.05 radians into 60?

pi radians = 180 degrees so 1.05 radians = 1.05*180/pi = 60.16 degrees (approx).

How do you measure angles in radians?

well you don't get many preotractors in radians so just measure the angle in degrees. To convert this to radians you then have to divide by 180 then times by pi. This is because 180 degrees= pi radians.

What radian measure is equivalent to negative 15 degrees?

To convert from degrees to radians, you can multiply by (pi / 180). Or use the Excel function to convert from degrees to radians. I am not sure about the name; you can find it under math functions.

How do you convert degree measure to radians?

Tiesonthewall:If you were converting from degree to radians, you would actually multiply the value of degrees by* π/180 If you were converting from radians to degrees, you would multiply the radians value by:* 180/πDivide by 180° and multiply by pi.

What is the degree of 4.98 radians?

285.3° To convert from radians to degrees, multiply by 180° and divide by pi (about 3.14159).

Why multiply degree to pi by 180 to convert it to radian?

A whole circle is 360 degrees or 2*pi radians. 360 degrees = 2*pi radians so that 1 degree = pi/180 radians This gives the conversion factor of pi/180 to convert degrees to radians.