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('X' rev/minute) x (2 pi radian/rev) x (1 minute/60 sec) = 2 pi X/60 = 0.10472 Xrad/sec (rounded)

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Q: How do you convert revolution per min to rad per second?
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How do you convert revolution per minute to radian per second?

1 rotation/1 min * 1 min/60s * (2*Pi radian/1 rotation)

How do you convert revolution per minute to revolution per second?

Divide the RPM by 60.

How do you convert liter per min to cubic meter per second?

Formula: L/min x 0.00001667 = m3/s

Convert cubic meter per minute to meter per second?

Formula: m3/min x 0.01667 = cubic meters per second

How do you convert cc per min to cc per pounds?

You can't convert cc/min to cc/lbs.

If a car is going 75 feet per second how many feet is it going per minute?

to solve this problem you just simply need to convert second for minurtes75ft/s* 60s/min =4500ft/min ;)remember in 1 min we have 60 sec

How to convert 20meter per minute into meter per second?

divide by 60. 20m/ min = 1/3 m/s

What does 17cm per km convert to in ft per mi?

That question cannot be answered. Did you mean 17cm per minute? If so, 17 cm /min = 6.6929 inches/min = 0.5577 ft/min (rounded to second decimal).

How do you convert revolutions per minute to meters per second?

revolutions are angular velocity (w), so you need to know radius (r) to convert to velocity (v) meters per second. not linear velocity. v = wr. For example 30 revs per min is 30/60 revs per second; over a 2 meter radius velocity is 30/ 60 x 2 = 1 meter per second

How do you convert Comber Nips per Min to Delivery Speed Meter per Min?


Convert 1000 cfm to cubic meters per second?

1,000 cfm (feet3/min) is 0.4719474 m3/sec.

How to convert grams per second to kg per minute?

('G' gm/sec) x (1 kg/1,000 gm) x (60 sec/min) = 0.06 'G' kg/min