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Watt-hours are converted to amp-hours the same as converting watts to amps. You divide the watts by the voltage and the answer is the amps.

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Q: How do you convert watt hour to amp hours?
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How do you convert watt-hour to amp hours?

You cannot, unless your first "h" (in amph), is a msitake. If you really mean, convert Whr into Ahr, then you need to divide the Whr figure by the voltage.AnswerYou don't! A watt hour measures energy, whereas an ampere hour measures charge -two different quantities!

How do you convert amps to amp hours?

You can't. Just like you can't convert miles-per-hour to miles.

How many watt hours in 2680 mah at 3.7volts?

It is 2.68 amp-hours multiplied by 3.7 volts, 9.9 watt-hours.

How can batteries with same voltge rated with Wh and mAh be compared?

watt = amp * volt watt hour capacity = amp hour capacity * voltage Calculate capacity in watt hour for the one which gives you mAh capacity with the following (dividing by 1000 to convert mA to A): Wh capacity = (mAh capacity / 1000 ) * voltage - Neeraj Sharma

How can you convert 110 amp hours in a battery to kilowatt hours?

You need to know the voltage of the battery to calculate this. Volts X Amps = Watts, and Watts/1000 = kW. Note that multiplying both sides by (hours) gives Volts X Amp-hours = watt-hours. And watt-hours/1000 = kWh. If this is a 12 volt battery, you have 12 * 110 / 1000 = 1.32 kWh.

How many watts does a 3000 watt generator produce in 8 hours?

watt, amp, and btu?

How do you convert watts to amp hours?

volts times amps equals watts, a measure of power. Amps times hours equals amp-hours, a measure of electric charge. Electric charge times voltage is energy. So 120 volts at 10 amps for 4 hours would pass 40 amp-hours of charge, the power would be 1200 watts and the energy would be 4800 watt-hours or 4.8 kilowatt-hours. So volts times amp-hours equals energy in watt-hours.

If you ran a light that draws 1 amp on 120 v ac and ran it for 1 hour how many kWh would that be?

That would be 120 watt hours, or 0,12 kilowatt hours, or 432 000 joules. See for an explanation of watt hours.

What is a amp hour?

It is one amp current used over one hour. A ten amp hour battery can supply 1/2 an amp for 20 hours, 1 amp for 10 hours, etc.

How do you convert amp hours to amp minutes?

Divide by 60.

How long will a batery with 125 amp-hour rating run a 60 watt load?

assuming a 12 volt car battery, 60 watts/ 12 volts = 5 amps, 125 amp/hours / 5 = 25 hours of life.

How many mill amp hour are in a watt hour?

well, give me the voltage and I'll compute it. You can not figure this out without the voltage.

How long will it take a to charge a 200 amp hour battery with a 100 watt output solar panel?

100W divide by 12V=8,333333Ampers. 200Amp divide by 8,33333333333=24 Hours.

How do you calculate 24 volt battery life with a continuous 1500 watt draw?

You'll need to know the capacity of the battery. Current requirement for 1500 watt at 24 V is: 1500/24= 62.5 amps. If the battery has 62.5 amp hours it would in theory last one hour. if the battery had something like 80 amp hours, it'd last for about one hour 20 minutes.

How long does a 30 watt light bulb last on a 12 volt battery?

12 volt batteries vary in size. You need to look at the amp hours of a battery and multiply by the voltage. So, a 100 amp hour battery at 12 volts is 1200 watt hours. 30 watt bulb will eat that up at 30 watts and hour. 1200 divided by 30 is 40 hours. Simple huh!? *Something to keep in mind is if your 30 Watt light bulb is rated 30 watts at 12 volts. If it is rated 30 watts at 24 volts, 110 volts or another voltage it will also change the length of time your battery will last.

29.4 volts x 10 Amp hours equals kilowatt hours?

29.4 x 10 = 294 watt hours or 0.294 kilowatt hours.

How many KW does a CS25P 24 Volt Rolls Batterie hold when full?

That battery has a capacity of 820 amp-hours at the 20-hour rate, in other words 41 amps for 20 hours. At 24 volts that is 24x41x20 watt-hours which is 17.2 kilowatt-hours.

How many amps does a 60watt bulb draw per hour?

Amps are measured at an instant of time. At 120 VAC the 60 W bulb is drawing 1/2 amp. The bulb is using 60 watt-hours of power. per hour.

How do you convert amp into watts?

A Watt is the product of Amps x Volts = Watts. So before you can convert amps into watts you have to find out what volts you are dealing with.

How can you convert Amp into Watt?

Watts is the product of amps x volts. So you see that you need to bring voltage into the equation.

What is the amp hours for a acdelco voyager m24mf?

It is 69 amp hours (based on a 20 hour discharge cycle, which is the standard for comparison).

Convert watts to ampere-hours?

Watts = amp x volts. As you can see by the formula you have parameters missing. You need a number for the voltage so that you can calculate the amperage. Amps = Watts/VoltsAnswerYou cannot convert watts to ampere hours, because they measure two quite different quantities. A watt is used to measure power, whereas an ampere hour is a measure of charge.

Does a 9 volt battery have more energy than a 1.5 volt battery?

No. The energy in watt-hours is estimated as the voltage multiplied by the ampere-hour capacity of the cell or battery. A 1.5 v alkaline D-cell with a capacity of 10 amp-hours can supply 15 watt-hours (actually less because the voltage reduces steadily). Six of those in series can supply 90 watt-hours, while many smaller 9-volt batteries have a much lower energy capacity.

How much electricity does a ceramic box heater use per hour?

A ceramic heater uses the same amount as a regular heater. Most heater use 1500 watts so in one hour a 1500 watt home heater will use 12.5 amp hours.

How long do amp hours last?

If you draw one amp of power for 1 hour that is an amp hour . If you have a different load eg a heater drawing 3 amp , it would be 20 minutes . Divide the hour ( 60 mintues ) by the amps you draw .

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