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How can I convert atomic percent to weight percent for example TiC -45%atomic C convert to weight percentage?

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Q: How do you converting from atomic percent to weight percent?
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What is the difference between atomic percent and weight percent?

Atomic percent is based on the number of atoms in a sample. So if the sample has x number of oxygen atoms and x number of iron atoms it would report 50% oxygen and 50% iron (atomic percent). Weight percent is based on the mass of the elements detected. So if we used the above example and reported the results as weight percent we would get 22.3% oxygen and 77.7% iron. Weight percent takes into consideration the mass or atomic weight of the elements and not just the number of atoms. Most people use weight percent although for chemistry atomic percent may be more useful.

How is the percent composition by mass determined?

For a chemical compound, ex. ABC: Percent (%) of A is (atomic weight of A x 100)/molecular weight of ABC.

One has an atomic weight of 120.9038 amu with 57.25 percent abundance the other has an amu of 122.8831 what is the atomic weight of the element?

121.75 source: yahoo answers

How do you calculate the atomic weight of a chemical element that has two or more isotopes?

Calculation of the atomic weight of an element having many isotopes:ia - atomic mass of the isotope a x percent concentration of the isotope in the elementib - atomic mass of the isotope b x percent concentration of the isotope in the elementic - atomic mass of the isotope c x percent concentration of the isotope in the element...........................................................................................................................iz - mass of the isotope z x percent concentration of the isotope in the elementMake the sum: I = ia + ib + ic + ..... izThe atomic weight of the element is: I/100 (the term weight is recommended by IUPAC in this case).

What is the percent composition of cesium in CsOH?

88.66% by mass (weight), 33.33% by atomic count.

How is converting a ratio to percent the same as solving a proportion?

Converting a ratio to a percent is not the same as solving a proportion.

How do you find the empirical formula of a compound of uranium and fluorine that is composed of 67.6 percent uranium and 32.4 percent fluorine?

This compound is UF6. Atomic weight of uranium: 238,02891 Atomic weight of fluorine: 18,9984032 Molecular mass of UF6: ca. 352,04121

How much chromium is in a 70 percent by weight concentration of sodium dichromate?

Cr2Na2O7 Atomic Weight Cr - 51.996 Atomic Weight Na - 22.98977 Atomic Weight O - 15.9994 Atomic Weight Cr2Na2O7 - 261.96734 Atomic Weight Cr2 - 103.992 at 100% concentrationCr2 - Cr2Na2O7 = (103.992/261.96734)*100 = 39.70% Cr in Cr2Na2O7 at 70% concentration = 39.70*70%= 39.70*.70 = 27.79% Cr in Cr2NaO7 at 70% concentraion.

Converting percent to decimal?

Divide the percent by 100.

What is the automic mass of chlorine atom?

Chlorine 35: exact weight: 34.968852, percent abundance: 75.77 Chlorine 37: exact weight: 36.965903, percent abundance: 24.23 average atomic weight; 35.453

What is the weight percent of carbon in CH4?

Carbon has a atomic mass of 12.So its percentage is 75%

What is chemical atomic weight?

Atomic weight = Weight of protons + Weight of neutrons

What are the atomic mass and atomic weight?

atomic mass is the atom that can carry the number of neutron on the shell,where as atomic weight the weight of mass.

What is changing a fraction to a percent called?

Converting a fraction to a percent.

What element has the highest atomic weight?

Lr, or Lawrencium has the highes atomic weight, it has an atomic weight of 262.11

What is the atomic weight of Yttrium?

Atomic Number = 39. Atomic Weight = 88.90585

What is carbons atomic weight?

Atomic Number = 6. Atomic Weight = 12.011

Why does the atomic weight decrease when the atomic number increases?

It doesn't. Atomic weight goes up as the atomic number goes up. In fact, atomic weight goes up faster than the atomic number does. Hydrogen atomic number 1, atomic weight 1.0079g/mole Uranium atomic number 92, atomic weight 238.02891g/mole

What is the atomic weight of nitrogen?

The atomic weight is14.00674

What is the atomic weight of an element?

the atomic weight of an element is the

The different between atomic weight and atomic number?

Atomic number = Number of protonsAtomic weight = Weight of protons weight of neutrons

What 8 elements will never bond?

zinatanium atomic weight 67, xethreneum atomic weight 35.8, isotope Triton atomic weight 54.721, venerutium atomic weight 43.6, cithaxuopium atomic weight 57, ullusium atomic weight 29, thorotuthium atomic weight 97, and finally the most complex and little known zithaxuthorioxium atomic weight about 45 but scientists are still testing

What is the atomic weight of hydrogen?

The atomic weight of Hydrogen is: 1.00794

What is the atomic weight of carbonate?

your mom is the atomic weight of a carbonate

What is the atomic weight of nickel?

The atomic weight of nickel is: 58.6934