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THE EASIEST WAY IS TO REINSTALL WINDOWS OVER THE TOP OF BAD OPERATING SYSTEM IF THIS DOESNT WORK GO TO START>>>RUN>>>>>>MSCONFIG THEN LOOK FOR THE c;progra1wildta1appscdacdaeng1dll AND TAKE THE CHK MARK OUT OF IN STARTUP ==NOTE== "1" is the way Windows truncates long names... progra1 = program files So, the file at issue is located in c:\program files\ in a subfolder who's name begins with "wildta", and the file appears to be a .dll file with a name that starts with appscdacdaeng

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โˆ™ 2006-09-18 03:51:51
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Q: How do you correct the error c progra1wildta1appscdacdaeng1dll?
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