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Q: How do you correct the form to show comparision between two things?
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What is the verb form of comparision?

The verb of comparison is compare. As in "to compare something or someone".

What is the correct word between laundry is or laundry are?

'is' is correct. 'are' would be used for the plural form which is laundries.

Is most friendly grammatically correct?

No, "most friendly" is not grammatically correct. The correct form would be "friendliest" when comparing three or more things.

Do you say between she and him or between her and him?

The correct phrasing is "between her and him" because "her" is the objective form of the pronoun when serving as the object of the preposition "between."

What is the difference between a memoranda and a memorandum?

"Memoranda" is the correct plural form of "memorandum."

What type of bond will form between N and O?

They will form a covalent bond. Both are nonmetals; covalent bonds only form between nonmetals. Ionic bonds form between metals and nonmetals, so that is not correct here.

What is the difference between el salvadorian and el salvadoran?

The correct form to talk about a person from El Salvador is SALVADORAN or SALVADORIAN. There are two correct forms.

Is their a difference between 0.7 and .7?

No. 0.7 is the more correct form.

What are your names correct form?

My correct form is an artificial intelligence assistant.

Why is it correct to define matter as anything that occupies space and not weight?

........Because anything can be different things in different form or sequence.

What is the difference between how is your uncle and your mom and how are your uncle and your mom?

"How is your uncle and your mom" is incorrect grammar. The correct form is "How is your uncle? How is your mom?" On the other hand, "How are your uncle and your mom" is in correct plural form. The correct form should be "How is your uncle? How is your mom?"

Do the Ural mountains form a border between Nepal and Tibet?

no no My reascearch tells me that the Himalaya Mountians form the Border Between Nepal and Tibet I hope my research is Correct do inform me. You are right. The Himalayas form the border between Nepal and Tibet. The Ural mountains form the border between Asia and Europe, and is located mostly in Russia and Kazakhstan.