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Q: How do you count edges on shapes in math?
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In math what are vertices?

Vertices are the points where edges meet and form an angle.

Can most shape have 19 edges?

Some shapes can have 19 edges but not most shapes.

What is a flat form of a solid shape?

Identify shapes of common objects. Identify faces, vertices, and edges of solid shapes; sort solid objects by faces, edges, and vertices. Relate solid shapes and plane shapes. Identify and count vertices and sides of shapes. Use shapes, such as pattern blocks, to make new shapes. Identify the movement of a shape as a slide, flip, or turn. Recognize and draw congruent figures

Which shapes with straight edges has no perpendicular edges?

Any shape with straight edges can have perpendicular edges.

How do you count edges on a cone?

There are no edges on a cone

Which 3d shapes have parallel faces or edges?

There are infinitely many shapes that do.

Which 2 shapes have the same edges vertices and faces?

Congruent shapes.

What does solid shapes mean?

it means the shapes that has faces,vertices and edges

How many faces edges vertices do all shapes have?

This all depends on the shape. Different shapes have different face, edges, vertices.

How do you count rectangles in a pattern?

You count the edges

How many vertices and edges does a octogan have?

2d shapes do not have edges or vertices

How many square edges?

None. Edges are one lines (1-dimensional) not shapes like squares (2-dimensional).None. Edges are one lines (1-dimensional) not shapes like squares (2-dimensional).None. Edges are one lines (1-dimensional) not shapes like squares (2-dimensional).None. Edges are one lines (1-dimensional) not shapes like squares (2-dimensional).