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0.626 = 626/1000

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Q: How do you cover the decimal point 626 to a fraction?
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How do you write 626 as a mixed number or as a fraction?

626 is an integer: it is neither a mixed number nor a fraction.

What is 5.008 as a fraction?

As an improper fraction in its lowest terms 5.008 is 626/125

What is 5.008 written as a fraction in simpelest form?

5.008 written as a fraction is 626/125.

What is 313 over 50 as a decimal and percent?

313/50 = 6.26 or 626%

What is 0.626 in a fraction?

0.626 / 1, same as 626 / 1000, divide top and bottom by 2 = 313 / 500, this is simplest fraction.

What is the equivalent fraction for 0.626 inches?

It is 626/1000 inches, which can be simplified if you so wish.

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