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Q: How do you create a program that will allow me to input students scores and weights and the program should then calculate a weighted average and score based on the date inputted by the user?
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Weighted mean sample problem?

weighted mean is getting the weighted average of students. normally, it is always use in computing the general average of the students to determine the ranking of the whole class.

How do I Calculate the weighted average fill rate?

multiply IFR for each stock item on an order weighted by the ordering frequency for the item

How do you calculate the atomic mass of an element containing a mixtures of isotopes?

weighted average of the various iisotopes

Why is each isotope's mass multiplied by the isotope's percent abundance?

That is done to calculate the weighted average.

What is Weighted Average of Inventory Valuation Method?

Weighted average inventory valuation method is method in which inventory purchased at any price is put together to calculate one price for allocation in contrast to FIFO or LIFO.

Weighted average atomic mass?

What is weighted average atomic number

Define average product?

Average product defined as- dividing total production of inputted variables by number of inputted variables. For example- average product of 3,5,7,9 is-(3+5+7+9)/4= 6.

How do you calculate rainfall using the thiessen polygon method?

Thiessen Polygon method is a weighted average mean method used to calculate average rainfall. The catchment area is divided into subcatchments using the Thiessen polygon method.

Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average a market value weighted or price weighted index?

The Dow Jones Industrial average is a price weighted index.

What do you add to your unweighted average?

You can't convert an unweighted average into a weighted average simply by adding something. You have to do the whole calculation for the weighted average.

How weighted score does calculate?

A weighted average is a more accurate measurement of scores or investments that are of relative importance to each other. Identify the numbers to be used, identify the weights of each number, convert percentages to decimals, multiply each number by its weight, and add them together to get the weighted score.

How do you calculate a weighted average in Excel?

The easiest way is to use sumproduct in Excel. Sumproduct takes two (or more) lists of the same size and multiplies the corresponding values in each list; then adds the product. See related links for an easy to read tutorial on how to calculate weighted averages in Excel.