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TOMI PASTA is an acronym that helps write a lesson plan. T = Title

0 = Objectives

M = Materials

I = Introduction (anticipatory set)




T= Test

A=Assignment Developed at the Navy's Instructor Training School, San Diego, CA.

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Q: How do you create a tomipasta lesson plan?
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What are the difference between a detailed lesson plan and semi-detailed lesson plan and brief lesson plan?

A detailed lesson plan will give information in detail about a lesson plan. A semi-detailed lesson plan will give information about a lesson plan but not as much as a detailed lesson plan. A brief lesson plan will mainly just give an outline of the lesson plan.

What are the Types of lesson plan?

detailed lesson plan semi-detailed lesson plan brief lesson plan

What is outlined lesson plan?

An outlined lesson plan is a brief summary of the lesson and things included in the lesson.

Are Lesson plan and worksheet the same thing?

No. A lesson plan is an outline of what will happen during a lesson, covering things like what will be taught and covered during a lecture. A worksheet is a grid of columns and rows in a spreadsheet, or it could also be a set of exercises for students based on a lesson. A worksheet in a spreadsheet could be used to create a lesson plan, as it is good for setting out tabular data. A lesson plan could be created in other applications, like a word processor.

What are the good characteristics of lesson plan?

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Difference between detailed and a semi detailed lesson plan?

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What is a brief lesson plan?

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What types of lesson plan are use in the Philippines schools?

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What is the difference between lesson plan and lesson note?

A lesson note is a written article of what would be taught to the students while a lesson plan is organization of the teaching of what is in the lesson note.

How do you make a lesson plan?

There are a few ways to make a lesson plan. First you must plan out what you wish to accomplish.

How do you make lesson plan in Hindi?

we can make lesson plan in hindi by hindi softwere.

What is the example of demonstration method lesson plan?

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What is a compound word with the word lesson?

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What is brief lesson plan?

A brief lesson plan is one that hits the main points of a lesson and does not involve a lot of detail. The brief lesson plan can give an overview of the expected learning outcome of a particular module.

Model lesson plan for class 9 biology?

9 th std lesson plan

What part of the lesson plan aims to arouse the interest of the students at the start of the lesson?

The part of a lesson plan that seeks to arouse or gain the interest and attention of the students or pupils is simply the motivation.It is under the procedure of the lesson plan.

What is a semi-detailed lesson plan?

A semi-detailed lesson plan is ess intricate than the detailed lesson plan. It is having a general game plan of what you wanted to cover for that subject on that particular day.

Definition of a brief lesson plan?

A brief lesson plan should take less than 12 minutes to present. The lesson plan should only be a brief outline of the objectives.

How do you prepare a lesson plan for a topic inverse tangents on a circle?

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Bed courses lesson plan for science subject?

i m persuing b.ed, & i have to prepare a lesoon plan.plz suggest me the questions for lesson plan of chemistry. give a complete format of the lesson plan.

Give me a Sample of a semi-detailed lesson plans?

A semi detailed lesson plan is one that will be more than a basic idea but not as detailed as a full lesson plan. The supplies and material list as well as the test questions at the end of the lesson plan may not be part of this type of plan.

Sample of brief lesson plan?

as it is... brief, means a type of a lesson plan which is simple and short... easy to understand. :D

Why there is a need for the teacher to have a lesson plan?

In the absence of the regular teacher a substitute can peruse the lesson plan and see where the class has progressed .

Example of a detailed lesson plan?

A detailed lesson plan will have a variety of things outlined. The plan for learning, the answers and the way that it will be taught. This varies from teacher to teacher.

What is an example of a semi detailed lesson plan in MAPEH?

A lesson plan in MAPEH should start out with a listing of clear objectives to be achieved by the end of the lesson. You should then summarize the lesson contents, preparation for the lesson, studentÃ?s motivation, and the process the teacher will use to develop the lesson.