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The total deviation from the mean for ANY distribution is always zero.

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Q: How do you derive mean deviation from mean for pareto distribution?
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How do you derive the mean deviation about the mean of the pareto type 1 distributions?

Easy. The mean deviation about the mean, for any distribution, MUST be 0.

How do you derive the mean of generalised pareto distribution?

To derive the mean of generalized Pareto distribution you must be good with numbers. You must be good in Calculus, Algebra and Statistics.

Why is the sample standard deviation used to derive the standard error of the mean?

the sample mean is used to derive the significance level.

A standard normal distribution has a mean of and standard deviation of?

Mean 0, standard deviation 1.

The mean of the distribution is 2.89 with a standard?

The mean of a distribution gives no information about the standard deviation.

What is the standard deviation of the mean of 9.65?

It depends on what the distribution is. In a Normal or Gaussian distribution, the standard deviation is the square root of the mean, so it could be 3.1 but, again, it depends on the distribution.

What is the distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1?

It is any standardised distribution.

What does standard deviation describes?

Standard deviation describes the spread of a distribution around its mean.

Square of the deviation will be less if?

If the deviation is small ie if the distribution is packed close to the mean.

What are the parameters of the normal distribution?

The mean and standard deviation.

The mode and standard deviation of a distribution are 55 and 4.33 respectively?

The statement is probably: The mean and standard deviation of a distribution are 55 and 4.33 respectively.

What are 2 properties of a Distribution Mean?

Standard deviation and variance

Is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the sample mean is o?


Symmetrical distribution in statistics and an example?

mean deviation is minimum

Are the mean and standard deviation equal in a poisson distribution?

The mean and variance are equal in the Poisson distribution. The mean and std deviation would be equal only for the case of mean = 1. See related link.

What is the reference point of a standard deviation?

The mean.The mean.The mean.The mean.

What are the median and mode of a normal distribution if the mean is 22 and the standard deviation is 4?

The mean, median, and mode of a normal distribution are equal; in this case, 22. The standard deviation has no bearing on this question.

Why is the mean the standard partner of the standard deviation?

The mean and standard deviation often go together because they both describe different but complementary things about a distribution of data. The mean can tell you where the center of the distribution is and the standard deviation can tell you how much the data is spread around the mean.

1 The average of the squared deviation scores from a distribution mean?


If a normal distribution has a mean of 16 and standard deviation 3 then?


Is normal distribution completely described by its mean and its standard deviation?


Is the standard normal distribution has a mean of 1 and standard deviation of 0?


Can a standard deviation be greater than its mean?

Yes - but the distribution is not a normal distribution - this can happen with a distribution that has a very long tail.

How does standard normal distribution differ from normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution has a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

What is standard deviation of the mean?

If repeated samples are taken from a population, then they will not have the same mean each time. The mean itself will have some distribution. This will have the same mean as the population mean and the standard deviation of this statistic is the standard deviation of the mean.