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s=b/a for n port network in matrix form


there is also relation between z matrix in s matrix.

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Q: How do you derive scattering matrix?
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It's simple. Circulator is device which has a peculiar property that each terminal is connected only to the next clockwise terminal. Consider a 3 port circulator with ports 1,2,3 ( arranged in anti clock wise). As there are 3 ports, order of scattering matrix is 3 X 3. [S]ij i= input applied at port i, j= output taken from port j when input is applied at port 1, we get output from port 3 only. i.e,s11=0,s12=0 when input is applied at port 2, we get output from port 1 only. when input is applied at port 3, we get ouput from port 2 only. hence, scattering matrix is 0 0 s13 S = s21 0 0 0 s32 0

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