How do you describe an object's motion?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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An objects motion or speed is distance divided by time.

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Q: How do you describe an object's motion?
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How can you describe the motion of an object?

By the relative motion of neighbour objects

Analysis of motion of objects helped physicists to?

It helped them explain and describe motion

What is Newton's 1st law supposed to do?

Describe motion/lack of motion of objects.

What would describe the tendency for objects to resist change in motion?


What term can best describe both speed and direction of an objects motion?

That is called "velocity".

What is the big difference between Newton s Laws and Kepler s Laws?

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion describe the motion of one object in orbit around another. Newton's Laws of Motion and the Law of Universal Gravitation describe how objects move in response to a force and how objects are attracted to each other.

What is the meaning behind the term kinetics?

The term kinetics is a word that is used to describe the motion of particles or objects in motion.These include projectiles, how particles move, and Newton's Laws of Motion.

How would one describe motion parallax?

Motion parallax provides perceptual cues about difference in distance and motion, and is associated with depth perception. For example, if you are riding in a car, objects that are close to you seem to go by really quickly, but objects that are further away appear to move much more slowly.

When you both the speed and direction of an objects motion you know the objects?

translatory motion

When was Objects in Motion created?

Objects in Motion was created on 1998-11-11.

How does friction always effect the motion of objects?

Friction inhibits the motion of objects.

How has Newton's law of motion affected us today?

Newton's law of motion affects everything we do that includes motion, including driving a car. The laws describe how forces affect motion and they are used to calculate acceleration of objects and provide an understanding of gravity.