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Free labor, poor living conditions, abusive....

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Q: How do you describe slavery in the southern colonies?
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Describe slavery in your region or the attitude towards the southern colonies?

they were angry and wanted slavery to end

How did the southern colonies feel about slavery?

The southern colonies believed that slavery was okay.

Was there slavery in the southern colonies?

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

Describe the economy in the southern colonies?

The economy of the Southern Colonies was heavily based on agriculture, especially their cotton production. This business was also heavily based on slavery.

What type of colonies were the southern colonies?


Why was slavery so important to the southern colonies?

Slavery provided labor for the developing textile industries in the southern colonies.

What was slavery like in the southern colonies?

The southern colonies thought that slavery was okay. They had the most slaves out of the 3 colonies because they had more farmland.

Was there much slavery in the middle colonies?

there was no slavery at all in the middle colonies actually they didnt believe in slavery, the southern colonies were the colonies that had the slaves

Did the New England colonies use slavery?

no slavery was involved in the middle and southern colonies

What are the differences from New England colonies and southern colonies in slavery?

the southern colonies needed slaves for their large plantations where in the new England colonies the colonists there protested that slavery was unfair.

Why was slavery important to southern colonies during the Colonial Era?

Slavery provided labor for the developing textile industries in the Southern colonies.

Why did the middle colonies have slavery?

They didn't have slavery. Only the southern did.

Where did most slavery occur in the 13 colonies?

In the Southern Colonies

Slavery in the southern colonies?

Slavery in the southern colonies increased after the invention of the cotton gin. This invention made plantation agriculture extremely lucrative; slavery was abolished in 1865.

Why did slavery grow much more rapidly in the southern colonies than in the northern colonies?

The Southern colonies were more agrarian and slavery had more to given to that agrarian lifestyle.

How can you describe slavery in the southern colonies?

i was horrible most masters were cruel and whipped there slaves no matter what so it very bad

What made the southern colonies look bad?

The southern colonies looked bad because of slavery

Why was slavery more prominent in the southern colonies?

BEcause they believed in slavery unlike the middle colonies and the new england colonies

Why was slavery more common in the southern colonies than in the New England colonies?

Slavery was most common in the Southern Colonies than in the New England colonies because there were plantation work to be done.

What was the worst thing in the southern colonies?

The worst thing in the Southern colonies to many was slavery. Slavery was abolished after the South lost badly in the Civil War.

How did the Middle Colonies differ from the Northern and Southern Colonies?

they outlawed slavery

Compare and contrast slavery in the southern colonies to slavery in the northern colonies?

the southern colonies had mostly platations and had the largest amount of slaves in the 3 regions of colonies. In the middle colonies they were very tolerant of differant religions and ethnicities

Attitude towards slavery in the southern colonies?

The attitude towards slavery in the Southern colonies was that slavery was good and necessary. Slave owners felt that slaves were treated better than free laborers.

What region of the English colonies was slavery most popular?

The more southern colonies.

What was the major economic activity in the southern colonies?

The southern colonies major economic activity was farming and a lot of slavery!!