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A point lies on a line if the coordinates of the point satisfy the equation of the line.

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Q: How do you determine if a point lies on the same line?
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Point that lies on the same line?


How do you determine if a certain point lies on a given line by just having the coordinates for the point and the equation of the line?

Substitute the x coordinate into the equation for x and calculate y. If the formla gives the same y value as the coordinates, the point is on the line. If it is diffent, it is not on the line.

is this statement true or falseThe steps for constructing a line perpendicular to a given line through point P are the same whether P lies on the line or not.?


What is if two lines lies in the same plane and have more then one point in common?

They must be the same identical line, otherwise it's impossible.

What are collinear points?

Collinear points are points that lie on the same line. Noncollinear points do not lie on the same line. Any two points are always collinear, i.e. forming a line. Three or more points can be collinear along a single line.Collinear points lies on the same straight line.

Can a line and a point be collinear?

Yes, a line and a point can be on the same line. A point can be placed on a line. It will then be collinear.

Is a line and point collinear?

If the point is not on the line, then no they are not collinear. But if that point is on the line, then they are collinear. Points on the same line are collinear. Points not on the same line are not collinear or non collinear.

When is a point said to be between to other points?

Do you mean "Between two other points? If yes, when it lies on a straight line between both points that are farther away and on the same line.

What is it called when a point lies in the same plane?


What line does a collinear point lie on?

The same line.

What is a point that does not lie on the same line?

Since it is possible to draw a line through any two points, if there is a point that does not lie on the same line, it must be a third point.

How can you determine the information from a line graph for a point that is not plotted?

You can either interpolate or extrapolate. Interpolate = find the target point on the line and draw vertical and horizontal lines to see what the X and Y values are. Extrapolate = extend line past it's known area and do the same.

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