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For areas: Square the Scale Factor.

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Q: How do you determine surface area of similar objects when it has a scale factor of 2?
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Tripling the radius of a sphere increase the surface area by a factor?

By a factor of 32 = 9. In general, surface area (for any two similar objects) is proportional to the square of any linear measurement.

How do you find scale factor of similar objects?

Assuming you are already sure that the two objects are, indeed, similar: You measure corresponding lengths of the two objects, and divide.You measure the lengths of a pair of corresponding sides. The scale factor is the ratio of the two measures.

What factors determine if water infiltrates or runs off?

One of the factors that determine whether water infiltrates is the nature of the surface. Another factor that determines is the elevation of the surface or its shape.

What is the final factor that will determine if the vehicle will stop?

The amount of traction its tires have on the road surface over which they are rolling.

What is the final factor that will determine if vehicle will stop?

The amount of traction its tires have on the road surface over which they are rolling.

What are the three quantities that determine gravitational potential energy?

The mass and distance (weight and height) determine the potential energy. A third factor can be the relative motion of the objects, which does not change the potential but may determine its effect.

Objects with three very different sizes and weights are dropped off a tower on the moon Which factor of the objects will determine which hits the ground first?

None of these matter. With no air resistance, they all hit the ground at the same time.

What factor determine the location and size and shape and direction of the surface current gyres?

Four factors that determine the location, size, shape, and direction of a gyre are wind, gravity, Coriolis Effect, and topography.

The surface areas of two similar hexagonal prisms are 882 and1058 What is the scale factor of the smaller prism to the larger prism?

It is 21/23.

What factors determine a type of star?

It's initial mass. Other smaller factor are also relevant, like the amount of metallicity and the proximity of other large objects.

What factor is used to determine how a vehicle is chosen for use as a VBIED?

the vehicle should be similar to other vehicles having routine access to the target area

How can you test to determine if a factor is a factor of another number?

Divide the factor into the number. If the answer is a whole number, the factor is a factor.

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