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Take a roll of nylon string and tie a good knot to a small weight like a fishing lead or small bolt nut then after removing the check valve or separating the pipe drop till it hits the foot valve. It will stop then. Pull out and measure string.

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Q: How do you determine the depth of a well?
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How do you determine the depth of a door jamb?

The depth of a door jamb can be determined by physically measuring it. The door and frame measuring charts can be used to determine the depth of the door jamb.

What is the relationship between the depth to the water table and the depth that a well must be drilled?

The well depth must be greater than the depth to the water table.

Is 232 feet deep a good well depth for a water well?

If that's where the water is. At that depth, it should be fairly good water, well filtered by the time it get to that depth.

What are the things that calculus can help us?

To determine the area of a not symmetrical pool and depth of it, as well as creating a CD, the serial number for sold goods

What is the depth of a pool that is 288 square feet?

It is impossible to determine the depth if only the surface area is known.

When are oil well testing services provided?

Testing Services. After the well has been drilled to its determined depth, evaluations are made to determine if the hole will produce a sufficient amount of oil and gas.

How do you determine the Volume of water based on area?

You cannot. Area is a 2-dimentional concept and volume is 3-dimensional. Unless you know the depth (or average depth) you cannot determine the volume.

When standing upright Gary knows his eyes are 6 feet above ground level To determine the depth of the well he stands in the position shown?

18 feet

How does the depth of an earthquake effect its magnitude?

The magnitude is not affected by the depth. Both factors together determine the level of destruction caused by an earthquake.

What is the depth of the deep well?

It depends on how deep the well is.

Characteristics that determine the structure of aquatic system?

depth,flow, and temperature.

How many liters in water well?

It depends on the cross section and depth of the well as well as the depth of the water table. Another factor is the amount of water that is being drawn from the well.

How do you determine what the depth of a pond near your house is?

The main way to determine what the depth of a pond near your house is to measure it. This can be done with common measuring tools like a yardstick, or it can be done with items that sink tied to strings that can be marked.

What does the depth of the water determine?

The depth of water in a lake, tank, ocean - or whatever contains it will determine the hydro-static pressure at the bottom. It will also significantly influence the temperature and amount of light and thus the ecosystem at the bottom of the water.

What is the relationship between the depth of the water table and the depth that a well must be drilled?

Where the pump will be located in the well, and also how powerful the pump needs to be. Also the depth of the well is determined by how much water the well will deliver at a given depth. Some wells have to be drilled deeper to get the required water flow in a particular area.add. When drilling a well, the driller will determine the first point that water was encountered, and then drill somewhat lower yet. He is seeking a water layer that is in a gravel or porous strata. he will then flush some water INTO the strata, to determine its porosity, for the assumption is inflow ability = outflow ability.He will drill deeper than the first sign of water, for when other folk tap the same aquifer, the water table will lower.

What is the method of using sound waves to determine water depth?

Sonar. By timing how long the sound takes to get from you, to the bottom, and back to you, it is possible to figure out the depth.

Give you a sentence using the word depth?

The depth of the well was so deep, people were scared looking into it. This is the sample sentence using depth.

What must be done to determine which mining method should be used?

A geologic survey to determine depth, amounts, and direction of ore bearing minerals.

What does the depth of water determine?

How much sunlight will pass through it, and how much pressure there is at the bottom.

List three characteristics that determine the structure of aquatic ecosystems?

depth, flow, and temperature

How do you convert measured depth to true vertical depth?

To convert measured depth to true vertical depth, first write down the measured depth. You will have to map an X, Y, Z point from that calculation, as well as using the azimuth and inclination.

How can you find out how many gallons of water are in a pool?

You need to know four different numbers: the length, width, average depth, and a multiplier that determines gallons. Here is the formula: Length X Width X Average Depth X Multiplier = Gallons Determine the Multiplier: Rectangle, square, or free-form pool:multiplier = 7.5. Round or Oval pool: multiplier = 5.9 Determine the Average Depth: To determine the average depth in a pool where the bottom slopes, measure the shallow end, the the deep end depth. Add them together and divide by two (2). Example: Shallow End = 2'. Deep End = 10' 2' + 10' = 12'; 12'/2 = 6' Average Depth

What is the depth of most pools installed?

Well the average depth of a home installed swimming pool is about 6 ft

Can a calorimeter be used to measure the depth of something?

No it is used to determine the number of calories in any substance

What is the average depth of a water well?

Approx. 200'