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1. Zeros appearing between nonzero numbers are significant. For example, 3.02 has 3 significant figures.

2. Zeros appearing in front of nonzero numbers are not significant. For example, 0.0009 has 1 significant figure.

3. Zeros at the end of a number and to the right of a decimal point are significant. For example, 26.600 has 5 significant figures.

4. Zeros at the end of a number and to the left of a decimal point can be either significant or not significant. If the zero has been measured or estimated, it is significant. It is not significant if it has not been measured or estimated and is merely serving as a placeholder. A decimal placed after the zeros indicates that the zeros are significant. For example, 2000. has 4 significant figures. 2000 (with no decimal) has one significant figure.

5. In scientific notation, all digits appearing before the exponent are significant. For example, 3.226 x 105 has 4 significant figures.

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Q: How do you determine the significant figure?
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